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  • blade and soul  the joys of leveling an alt
    blade and soul: the joys of leveling an alt [09/24/2016]

    Just ran Naryu Lab for my new toon for the soul shield. There were a couple of alts in the party (low levels with very good gear).

  • how can i get to the late trove
    How can i get to the late trove? [09/22/2016]

    By grinding better gems, good gems should have at least +1400 PR at lvl 25, very good gems should have around +1500 PR, almost perfect gems should have +1600 PR

  • r4pg offers twin saga gold fast delivery service
    R4PG Offers Twin Saga Gold Fast Delivery Service [09/23/2016]

    Purchasing Twin Saga Power leveling at R4PG website is so easy and fast. Even people with lack of experience will still be able to make a purchase at this site.

  • blade and soul  quick fix to get high population
    Blade And Soul: Quick Fix to get High Population [09/20/2016]

    There is a few very simple fixes to the game that would get people to stay when they try the game

  • trove is coming to ps4 and xbox one video
    Trove is coming to PS4 and Xbox One video [09/18/2016]

    Thirsting for danger and lusting for loot? Then grab your friends, hone your weapons, and set off for adventure, because Trove, the free-to-play, voxel-based action MMO, is coming to PS4™ and Xbox One!

  • r4pg looking back at eso pegi
    r4pg:Looking Back at ESO (PEGI) [09/18/2016]

    Over 7 million people have joined The Elder Scrolls Online to explore Tamriel and uncover its mysteries in the year since it launched on PC/Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. With three huge game packs out across all platforms, it has been a busy year for ESO – and we have no intention of slowing down!

  • r4pg please make a minimal effort to spec out for endgame pve content
    r4pg:Please make a minimal effort to spec out for endgame PVE content [09/18/2016]

    I guess the point I'm really wanting to stress is...wearing heavy armor and spamming wrecking blow in vet trials is not how you pull good DPS.

  • when can i download crowfall and play
    When can I download Crowfall and play? [09/18/2016]

    The download link says not authorized. When do I know if I am? Edit: Yea, found out I am an early backer with Beta-2. I would swear it included Alpha before, but I guess it didn't. Thanks for the information.

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.