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  • bns silverfrost refining stone
    BnS Silverfrost Refining Stone [08/27/2016]

    I was about to check all Silverfrost dungeons to find out which one I should spamm in order to farm the Silverfrost Refining Stones the most effective way.

  • here s how to unban pokemon go account got soft banned
    Here’s How to Unban Pokemon Go Account Got Soft Banned [08/26/2016]

    Step 1: Logout of your original account and then make a new one Step 2: Logout of your new account and delete Pokemon Go Step 3: Wait a few hours and reinstall the game from the App Store

  • title and emblem system reworks
    Title and Emblem System Reworks [08/25/2016]

    I cannot stress enough how big of a slap to the face is Founder's Pack contents being bound to a single hero and how disappointing it is. At this point, i almost regret buying a Founder's Pack

  • some thinking for bns
    Some Thinking for BnS [08/23/2016]

    All in all, if you have nothing better to play just come back, play again for a while and see if you find it different. I think its worth to come back to tho.

  • blade and soul  new content arrives august 24th
    Blade and Soul: new content arrives August 24th [08/20/2016]

    New content arrives August 24th this is the information I gleaned from the live stream. It didn't seem like any new story content will be on the 24th besides the Desolate Tomb.

  • six reasons why blade and soul sucks
    Six Reasons Why Blade And Soul Sucks [08/17/2016]

    So there, 6 reasons for my absolute disgust with the product thus far. Of course there are redeemable qualities but these need to be stated!

  • really happy for the silverfrost weapon cost changes in bns
    Really happy for the Silverfrost Weapon Cost Changes in BnS [08/13/2016]

    I realize some players are upset. They will lose their gear advantage, their elite market supply game, their feeling of achievement over most others.

  • a pokemons max potential
    A pokemons max potential [08/12/2016]

    I've seen a spreadsheet saying what the max cp is for all Pokemon. But if I'm only at level 22, is the max for my Pokemon as high? Or do they have a lower max because they are not found at level 40?

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.