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Blade and Soul News And Guides

  • blade and soul  the joys of leveling an alt
    blade and soul: the joys of leveling an alt [09/24/2016]

    Just ran Naryu Lab for my new toon for the soul shield. There were a couple of alts in the party (low levels with very good gear).

  • blade and soul  quick fix to get high population
    Blade And Soul: Quick Fix to get High Population [09/20/2016]

    There is a few very simple fixes to the game that would get people to stay when they try the game

  • what happened to bns samurai armor
    What happened to BnS Samurai Armor [09/17/2016]

    Okay so I've been waiting for something like this for a while so I can make my male characters look like a bad ass but I noticed one small problem

  • blade and soul revamps
    blade and soul revamps [09/13/2016]

    Thank you all for reading this and any comments that take place! God bless you all and have a wonderful day (or wonderful night for you weird night owls <3 out there :D).

  • blade   soul sin dps
    blade & soul sin DPS [09/10/2016]

    sin's bombard got really decent after last patch so there's no such thing "lack of aoes" in terms of sin anymore lol

  • bns desolate tomb guide
    BnS Desolate Tomb Guide [09/06/2016]

    There are ZERO Dragonbloods in this dungeon, and every dungeon after. You die, you're done unless you have revive charms or there's a Summoner who can send their cat over to revive.

  • bns tips for whirlwind valley
    BnS Tips for Whirlwind Valley [09/03/2016]

    Whirlwind Valley is currently in fever in contrast of its gloomy past, thanks NCWest's launching an attractive event.

  • bns destroyer is the worst pve class
    BnS destroyer is the worst PVE class [08/30/2016]

    Since game beginning destroyer had been a mediocre class. Never too good, never too bad.

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