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MapleStory 2 News And Guides

  • maplestory 2  creating a account  downloading  and playing
    Maplestory 2: Creating a Account, Downloading, and Playing [07/03/2015]

    This thread is for those individuals struggling to create an account or having issues with playing the game. The first wall of text will be: Account Creation; 2nd wall of text will be Downloading the game; 3rd wall of text will be verification without verification. You'll understand in a bit what that means. I recommend reading EVERYTHING. Im sorry it looks like a lot.

  • nexon korea reveals maplestory 2 open beta month in south korea
    Nexon Korea reveals MapleStory 2 Open Beta month in South Korea [05/19/2015]

    With the Final Test phase having ended this past weekend, Nexon Korea has officially announced Open Beta for MapleStory 2 will begin this July.

  • malpestory 2 final test application problems about this screenshot
    Malpestory 2 Final Test Application Problems About this Screenshot [04/20/2015]

    I typed it into Google translate and it says Authentication is not because I can not be with us this final test. In the Profile page, you can modify your certification. Can someone tell me what this is and how to fix it?

  • what is the function of maplestory 2 mesos
    What is the function of MapleStory 2 Mesos [04/13/2015]

    MapleStory 2 Mesos will serve as the game's main currency. You may purchase equipment (weapons and armor), Potions, equipment, transport, cosmetics, guilds, real estate, and perhaps to improve your character's potency. These items are sold by NPCs and by other real-world players, but some items can only be purchased from other players.

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