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Trove News & Guides

  • trove mounts tutorial and guide
    Trove Mounts Tutorial And Guide [06/06/2016]

    wow so many mounts that are imposible to get now

  • mantle of power expansion trailer
    Mantle of Power Expansion Trailer [06/05/2016]

    Don the Mantle of Power and prepare to adventure, explore, and create in ways you never imagined! Increased level cap, customizable abilities, weird new worlds, stellar gear... are you ready to experience a whole new kind of power?

  • buy trove flux on r4pg com and get 3  off
    Buy Trove Flux On And Get 3% Off [06/06/2016]

    As the virtual currency in the game, Trove Flux is essential for armors, weapons, repairing and items purchasing. It is worth mentioning that only a reliable site can ensure you can buy Trove Flux without any risk.

  • dissatisfied with second gen flasks after trove testing
    Dissatisfied with second gen flasks after trove testing [01/17/2016]

    Vampiric Vial, rather weak but not terrible if you kill a ton of enemies. The chance to get a vial back is rather low though at around 10% so if you can not get at least 10 enemies within the buff timers you are at a loss.

  • number of ideas for trove
    Number of Ideas for Trove [01/13/2016]

    Still gives the 10% bonus and caps at 2 for each stat. It is up to the Devs on if this can grant rings/banners an extra stat. Sounds like it might be OP, but Trove flux sinks always help the economy.

  • my feedback on the trove battleverse
    My feedback on the Trove Battleverse [01/10/2016]

    Pery lets out a deep sigh and facepalms. [and he's totally not suggesting chat emotes.The Ice Sage's "The Big Chill" is very, VERY cheap in PvP

  • trove player stats  deathmatch  team deathmatch and club war
    Trove Player stats, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Club War [01/08/2016]

    The CTF on Trove remains very slow, and due to the fact that we still don't have portals dedicated to player stats, or even portals that allow us to pick our own teammates, makes it a lot more difficult to enjoy

  • trove comprehensive mining guide
    Trove Comprehensive Mining Guide [01/05/2016]

    in those 4 minutes of mining I gathered 340shapestone, 44primordial flame, ~40infinium, and 60formicite. thats 2000 + trove flux right there. at the current values, 1:3:f, 1:18f, 1:7f, 1:2f.

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