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Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis All Class Builds

Grinding Gear Games has announced Path of Exile: Synthesis, its newest expansion and Challenge League for its free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile. Synthesis is geared towards giving players more control over two major elements: world areas and items. Synthesis is designed as a moderately story-focused expansion, and is geared around a new NPC named Cavas. 

In order to better help poe players get the best game experience in 3.6, R4PG has compiled a series of ascendancy class builds to provide players with reference, including Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Marauder, Shadow, Templar, Scion, and other popular builds such as PoE 3.6 CoC, Arc, Righteous Fire, Elemental Hit. These builds are funny, powerful, endgame, cheap, fast, is the best choice for Synthesis league starer. 

Class: Ranger Witch Duelist Marauder Shadow Templar Scion


All Class Builds Description


[3.6 Marauder] Juggernaut - Berserker - Chieftain Builds


[3.6 Shadow] Assassin - Saboteur - Trickster Builds


[3.6 Witch] Necromancer - Elementalist - Occultist Builds


[3.6 Ranger] Deadeye - Raider - Pathfinder Builds


[3.6 Duelist] Slayer - Gladiator - Champion Builds


[3.6 Templar] Inquisitor - Hierophant - Guardian Builds


[3.6 Scion] Ascendant Builds

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Path of Exile 3.6.2 Patch Notes

GGG will update the Path of Exile on a regular basis on Friday. To help players understand the detailed changes to the 3.6.2 patch, R4PG has compiled some information.


PoE 3.6 Fully Information and Guide - Storm Burst Skill Rework

GGG has indicated majority of spell skills will be reworked, part of which is involved in the reform of mechanism. The first skill rework is Storm Burst. While you channel Storm Burst, orbs of lightning are created around your target. While you channel, they jump towards your target and release bursts of damage.


POE 3.6 Synthesis League Revealed Details

In PoE 3.6, Synthesis, players will meet a new NPC - Cavas. Cavas who lost his memory wander in Wraeclast. You need to help him find the truth behind his memory. Also you confront new challenge, new skill gems and new reward.