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Albion Online News & Guides

  • r4pg com review   is r4pg com legit and safe
    R4PG.com Review - Is R4PG.com Legit and Safe? [07/25/2016]

    R4PG have now enough stock in all the server, so R4PG are able to finish the about 85% orders in 5-30mins.

  • albion online the main interface
    Albion Online The main Interface [12/22/2015]

    Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO. It's a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world.

  • albion online  hardcore  vs  casual  debate
    Albion Online "Hardcore" vs "Casual" Debate [12/10/2015]

    With Albion Online, our goal is to create a hardcore Sandbox MMORPG with full loot PvP and a fully player driven economy.

  • albion online pre closed beta stress test
    Albion Online Pre-Closed Beta Stress Test [11/11/2015]

    Albion Online would love to get the help of our Founders to ensure that our servers play nice for the official start of our Closed Beta on the 23rd. For that, we will hold a stress test this week.

  • r4pg   best place to buy mmorpg game gold and power leveling and items
    R4PG | BEST PLACE TO BUY MMORPG Game Gold and power leveling and items [06/13/2015]

    R4PG.com is the trusted seller for EQNEXT, Runescape,FIFA 16, FFXIV GIL, MapleStory2 Mesos, Powerleveling, Items and Service. Really cheap price and instant delivery all exist here. Let's enjoy the game!

  • albion online  a view point on its culture
    Albion Online: A View Point on its Culture [05/20/2015]

    Many stand at the gates of Albion waiting to suckle on the golden breast that is the game, the time we stand is an ever growing weight of anticipation on our shoulders

  • albion online event  hunt for the missing royals

    We've just received an urgent plea from the king and queen of the Eastern Isles. It would seem the royal fort at the ancient military city of Norverngrad was attacked three days ago, and five of the family's princes, one of them first in line to the throne, were taken hostage, in a reckless attack in bold daylight.

  • albion online update road to the summer alpha
    Albion Online Update Road To The Summer Alpha [03/19/2015]

    The "Road to the Summer Alpha" is an overview of our plans for the time leading up to our next alpha test (date to be announced soon), including some big new features, and improvements and changes made as a result of tester feedback.

  • new development update  road to the summer alpha

    The “Road to the Summer Alpha” is an overview of our plans for the time leading up to our next alpha test (date to be announced soon), including some big new features, and improvements and changes made as a result of tester feedback.


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