Albion Online: A View Point on its Culture

Anyone else think we could make a documentary out of the cascading flow of dramatic events? Or maybe we could look at social psychology and study the interaction between people and the culture that is linked to AO. Of course it is not all from the game as personality and mental saturation were embedded well before this title came around.


It is rather interesting to sit back and watch the many posts that are made while hungry fans are starved of the game they so badly want to play, you could even say it is the by product of boredom. It amazes me that discussion and subsequent actions are made and executed on a stage that feeds on the art of play. The way various situations unfold is certainly abstract in delivery, for one who was to make a change with heart would not need to broadcast, it simply would be done and it would be done in the shadows.


We are only at the beginning the our social media era in today's world and already it has exploded beyond many's ability to break the barrier that is our psyche, to tear down the walls that counter thought and just exist in the now. You could say we need to grow ones soul and at the same time have fun.


Many stand at the gates of Albion waiting to suckle on the golden breast that is the game, the time we stand is an ever growing weight of anticipation on our shoulders. This weight grows ever larger and we spread the burden to others near us. Some can handle the responsibility of such emotional excursion, others clearly crumble and a river of toxic sound waves spew forth expressed through words that aim to hold integrity but instead damage the face of this great project.


I challenge you all in character and in life to do the following once each day:

Bite your tongue and reevaluate the string of words you want to say when fueled by emotion or opinion

Conduct a selfless act

Compliment someone with meaning

Why should we do this? Well it is simple, until a substantial discovery is made you only get one crack at life. We all could benefit from listening to our minds a little more.

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