Albion Online Update Road To The Summer Alpha

The "Road to the Summer Alpha" is an overview of our plans for the time leading up to our next alpha test (date to be announced soon), including some big new features, and improvements and changes made as a result of tester feedback.

Albion Online Update Road To The Summer Alpha

Here's a short overview of just a few plans:


We want to encourage more open-world PvP, while discouraging zerging. Hellgates are portals which spawn at random locations throughout the world, each protected by its own demon.

If a group of players slays the demon, the demon will open their Hellgate to 5 players, who will enter a secret dungeon containing a powerful boss and special loot. If several groups all enter the same dungeon through different Hellgates, they will fight each other for the chance to defeat the boss and claim the loot.

This allows for awesome open-world PvP, while allowing only a certain number of players to engage in that PvP at a time, avoiding zerging.



PvE content will be given greater meaning with the introduction of NPC agents. These NPC agents will be tied to one of Albion’s factions, and will offer players missions to complete. Completing a mission for an NPC agent will give a player points with that faction, and increasing faction points will bring that player  faction rewards, including special weapons and armor.

As higher-level NPC agents are unlocked, those agents will send players on tougher missions in more dangerous regions of the world. But the rewards will be worth the danger…



To encourage players to experience more of Albion Online by engaging in the many different activities the world has to offer, we're introducing all new resources, some of which can only be obtained by playing certain aspects of the game.

Normal resources: can be gathered in the open world

Normal marks: drop from normal mobs in open world

Boss marks: drop from bosses in open world

Essences: drop from bosses in hellgates

Territory resources: special resources which only spawn in conquerable territories<

Open world PvP resources: special resources which only spawn in conquerable open world structures or in special open world PvP events.

This will encourage players to try new activities and explore all that Albion Online has to offer.



– Reworking “Yellow Zones”, to gently encourage players to progress into unrestricted, full-loot PvP, while not frustrating the more risk-averse players.

– Guild Market Places: Each territory will have a fully functioning market place for the owners guild to use. This will allow guilds to offer certain items at discounted prices, or to deposit surplus resources there for guild members to pick up at a reduced price.

– Increasing the value of crafting: Crafting items will deplete some endurance from your character, which will recharge over time. This encourages more members of a guild to put time into crafting, rather than relying on just one player.

-> Read the whole roadmap

Our forum post contains the whole roadmap, to give you a thorough and detailed look at our plans. If you’d like to see all the details, and give us your thoughts and discuss our plans with other members of our community, head over there!

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The “Road to the Summer Alpha” is an overview of our plans for the time leading up to our next alpha test (date to be announced soon), including some big new features, and improvements and changes made as a result of tester feedback.


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