(Relatively) short update for you this week. The wheels of ACE keep on churnin'. Here's a quick glimpse at some of the stuff we have going on behind-the-scenes...


1. PARTICLE HIRES! Remember back in Kickstarter when we had a stretch goal to "HIRE A NEW ERIC" to work on particles? Well, we've done it -- with a few people, actually... evidently, it takes a small team to replace Eric! (Don't tell him, he might get a big head.) We'll introduce these guys soon, and give you a glimpse at what they've been working on.

2. FUNDRAISING continues and the response has been fantastic. I'm not going to go into too much detail at this point, but we are very pleased with the reception and we'll let you know when everything is wrapped!

3. GREYBOXING continues, as we build out the map for the combat milestone!

Here's a few examples of where we are headed:

This is the Small Fort, Medium Fort and Large Fort. The in-game versions will, of course, have buildings and structures scattered inside and outside the walls. For scale reference, those walls at 18 feet tall (!)

...and here's a fantastic conceptual paintover by Dave Greco of the Great Hall that acts as the central structure of the Large Keep. We thought it would be helpful to show you what we intend these buildings to look like once we lock the shape and size and transition them from the 'greybox' stage to 'fully-painted'.

4. GERMAN version of the website is now online and a German community liaison, Siamantha, has joined us. (The German site can be viewed by selecting the DE flag at the top right corner of our home page.) We would love to ask our German fans to please take a look -- and of course, let us know of any issues that might have come up in translation! We need your help to make this site awesome!



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