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EverQuest Next Landmark FAQ - R4PG.com

What is Landmark?

Landmark is a Free to Play, next-generation online sandbox game. Build and explore a world unlike anything you've seen before.

What is the connection between Landmark and EverQuest Next?

Landmark is a world where you can design and make anything you can imagine! The tools and mechanisms you see in Landmark are the backbone used by the development team to build EverQuest Next. Objects and buildings that players construct in Landmark may also be featured in EverQuest Next!

What platforms (Console, Mac, PC) will Landmark be available on?

PC is the only announced platform for Landmark.

Does applying for Landmark Beta also apply toward the EverQuest Next Beta?

YES! Apply now!

Is there be any sort of pre-order to get me into Beta early?

Yes - we have announced Founder's Packs for Landmark! More information is available here.

What are the core features of the game?

Build Anything — Create and build anything you can imagine. With Landmark's state of the art tools, you have unprecedented control over your creations. A range of materials with realistic physics means how you build makes a difference.

Explore — Explore massive Landmark worlds and claim territory, building materials and much more. Delve deep into the earth and discover procedurally—generated adventures that will never be the same twice!

Make Your Mark — The best buildings players create may become part of Norrath — the EverQuest Next world — FOREVER! We'll run exclusive contests to design parts of the world AND our designers will keep an eye out for the coolest fortresses, castles, caves, tree houses, fireplaces – anything awesome that fits within the world of Norrath.

Collect — The rarest resources, objects, gear, character customizations and secrets are scattered across the worlds of Landmark! Can you find everything?

Earn Money — Players have opportunity to submit items for inclusion in SOE’s in-game marketplace. If a player-created item is selected for inclusion in the SOE Marketplace, SOE will share 40% of the net amount it receives from the sale of the item with the player that created the item.

When will Landmark launch?

Closed Beta is now live. We haven’t announced dates for Open Beta or launch. 

How do I get the game?

Landmark is available via digital download for purchasers of a Founder’s Pack. If you are having difficulty logging into Beta or downloading the client, click here to contact our customer service team.

What races will be available in Landmark?

Landmark is designed as a human world. Many more character customization options will become available as the game develops.

Are Founder's Pack items going to transfer between Landmark and EverQuest Next?

The items in the packs are exclusive to Landmark. There are no plans for them to transfer to EverQuest Next.

How will wipes between Closed Beta, Open Beta and Launch work?

While we will do everything in our power to minimize wipes, it is important to note that Closed Beta is a testing period. Unexpected behaviors of players and technology may occur, requiring us to roll back or delete data during these periods. New functionality added to the game may also require a wipe to occur. However, you will never lose access to items that you have purchased on the Marketplace or in the Founder’s Packs as a result of a wipe.

We are currently planning the following wipes: End of Alpha Wipe (This occurred on 3/26/14)

Timing: Occurs at the end of Alpha testing, which begins on or before 2-28-14

Character: Your character will be retained, however all progression will be wiped.

Claims: Your claim(s) will be wiped. All claims will be templated so that you have blueprints of what you built.

Resources and Collected Objects: All resources and collected objects will be wiped.

End of Closed Beta Wipe

Timing: Occurs at the end of Closed Beta testing (date TBA).

You retain everything purchased from SOE during Alpha and Closed Beta (Founder’s Pack and Showcase items), plus any giveaway items (Lunar Anklets, Feathers in Bottles and potential future giveaways) and templates you created during Alpha and Closed Beta. Everything else will be reset during the wipe.

Will there be an NDA Closed Beta?

Landmark's NDA has been lifted, meaning that testers are allowed and encouraged to share information freely. 

I attended SOE Live 2013. Do I get any sort of access to the Landmark Beta?

Yes! SOE Live 2013 attendees will receive unlimited access to the Landmark Beta program. If you attended SOE Live 2013, you should have received an email notifying you that your Closed Beta access is available. If you have not received this email, please contact our customer service department for assistance.  Note: If you purchase a Founder’s Pack, that access supersedes SOE Live 2013 Closed Beta access.  

How do I get Closed Beta access?

There are three ways to gain access to Closed Beta:

Purchase or obtain one of our Founder's Packs. A Founder's Pack purchase gives you unlimited access to the Landmark Closed Beta.

Obtain a shareable Closed Beta Key from a Trailblazer Pack purchaser.

Acquire a Time-Limited Closed Beta Key.

When does the Closed Beta start?

Closed Beta is now live.

Do I have to pay to get Closed Beta access?

No! You can get Closed Beta access by acquiring an unrestricted Closed Beta key from a Trailblazer Pack purchaser or acquiring a Time-Limited Closed Beta key.

What is a Time-Limited Closed Beta Key?

A Time-Limited Closed Beta Key works like this. When you redeem your code at EverQuestNext.com, you will get access to the Landmark Beta for seven days. Time-Limited Beta Keys are stackable – so you can redeem multiple to gain additional game time.

When does the Open Beta start?

We will announce Open Beta details at a future time.

I bought the Settler (or Explorer) Pack. Can I upgrade?

Yes! If you have purchased a pack and go through the flow again, you will be presented the opportunity to upgrade to a different pack.

I purchased a Founder's Pack. When do I get in?

If you purchased a Founder’s Pack, you will receive immediate access to Closed Beta.

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