GPS spoofing on Pokemon Go

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So as many know, GPS spoofing (some call it "cheating") is becoming a little out of hand.... so I wanted to bring light on the topic and discuss things. Namely: What is it? Why is it done? and What can be done to stop it? as well as "Should we stop it?"

GPS Spoofing is simply using a Third Party Software to trick your GPS sensor into thinking your in another location. While this can be fun, funny, or stupid in many cases, it has also brought up problems. Advanced GPS spoofers are the real problem though, simply changing your location won't do much, sure you can find other Pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms, but that's not the real issue.


The real problem with GPS spoofing on Pokemon Go is the game breaking element of it. Combine it with common support like PokeVision and your searching, finding, and catching Pokemon faster than the base game seems to have intended you to.


How does this break the game? Well simple. GPSS to a Nest - catch a few hundred of the nested Pokemon, keep the best, send the rest to Professor Willow the Confectioner Butcher and you have enough stardust, candy, and a High Tier (strong IV, CP) Pokemon to Level up/Evolve/Etc. 


This causes problems when you Concern yourself with other players/teams. Namely right now (until new options become available, then this gets worse) Gym battle/ownership.


It's common right now to see Gym battles fall around you - without a single person being in sight. Even calling out at 3AM to see if anyone responds ("Anyone playing Pokemon Go?") reveals nobody. Now I thought I missed them, so I tried again for 4 nights. Every night the Gym would lose around the same time, change ownership, and no one would be around the park physically. Leading me to believe GPPS were going to this location Virtually - and then taking the Gym down.


Now combine the efforts. Nest farming + Gym toppling. You can take over Gyms faster, and hold them longer, because for me to really get a Dragonite that powerful to hold up in the gym, it would take me weeks of farming the few Dratini I have found around me.


So i did some digging into GPS Spoofs that work. Manly to find out how easy it was, and, how problematic it really is. The most damaging of them is one that not only Spoofs your GPS data - but allows you to "walk" in GPS data terms along the map.


This literally means your playing Pokemon Go as a PC based game. Just imagine this - sitting at your computer, "walking" miles after miles in Heavy Pokemon Population zones you couldn't normally get to. (Cities around the world, etc)


Now in that defense... some feel it is "needed" due to the severe lack of Pokemon spawning in their general location, city, etc. Some even stated that going for a 5 mile jog only netted them 5-6 Pokemon - all of the common variety. I believe it, locally, around my house, where I would normally take a jog around the neighborhood, doing a big circle of around 5 miles, there is 1 Pokestop, and about a dozen common Pokemon I see. So they feel the "need" to change data, and Virtually walk to even play the game.


It also doesn't seem fair that Cities have a HUGE bulk of Pokemon compared to more rural areas, I can understand the logic behind it - but it seems pretty bad to only be able to say "sure you can play, but good luck ever leveling up!" A good basis is if your city is roughly 100,000 - your gonna be hard pressed for Pokemon, places with over 1 MILLION population (San Diego, CA) have population explosions of Pokemon, meanwhile locally I catch commons, maybe 5/hour.


With this kind of factor - it's no wonder so many are GPS Spoofing. The game is simply "unplayable" in their location - even though they live in a City, and they feel it's well populated - it's no where NEAR the population of the real Cities.


I feel the game simply needs a bit of code change. It should play more like a traditional Pokemon Game, but with the AR elements. This would give people a chance to play locally - no matter the location - and not feel they are simply being left behind. Personally I made my Phone Account on July 22. Playing Everyday I have yet to find anything but Pidgey, Rattata and Weedles, I have not even found "tons" of them - being only level 6. I commonly run out of Pokeballs - as the only Pokestop in my area is about a 20 minute Jog away - the nearest after that is a few miles down the road. (and off my Jogging path) So it's rough to keep supplied. If most GPS Spoofers are in this situation - I don't blame them for doing what they are - they are able to enjoy the game fully, while I simply "wait for things to get better".

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