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Very similar to a post I made way back although yours was a lot more compact and better...kudos. Hope this kind of system makes it in game as I imagine settling will be a huge demand for players in a world based around the frontier and destruction as well as migration of AI. It could be a game in itself if they do it right. I just hope they find a good way to divide the town owners needs (like a guildmaster and his goals) with that of the individual players agency. If it's just me filling in the role already set up for the claim location by the guildmaster it's going to feel pointless on my end as an NPC could have done what I did.

EQ Next

Take the EQN world. Add claim territory and lands for players who earn or gain. Now to keep things from going wacky we know buildings and things need to be approved. We don't want scifi and other genre mixing with Fantasy. So Layer 1 the claim and its location, Claims in EQN could be in any location and in any size that will fit the design that the devs have in mind for a city, Civilization location. (CL). A CL can have dev created areas and then these blank spots for players choice and interaction with the world.

  • step 1. Claims on a CL change according to the CL status. What I mean is Camps, Villages , Town, City, Capital all are different and have different needs or building progression and design. So CL Camp isn't going to have the same building templates as CL Capitol.
  • Step 2. Claims have predetermine approved buildings for the Claim. Now a CL Camp Claim has selections that you the player will make...will you place a Camp Blacksmith? Camp Tent? Camp Mine? Each claim could be determined based on size and location as to what is open for you the player to pick.
  • Step 3. NPC selection to the Claim. Now CL Camp Claim Blacksmith, can have Steve, Bob, or John as an NPC...if the CL upgrades to a town then you have a selection from CL Town Blacksmith Steve,John, each layer there is choices when one layer changes the next selections open to you change. So a Town blacksmith building doesn't look like a camp blacksmith building the CL changes based on Dev stipulation or Rally calls.
  • Now go one step further. Quest content. Bob and steve may no offer the same quests or set of quests. So here is a demo set up in a template scale


CL: Qeynos style Claim A Camp, (camp Building blacksmith A), Smith Bob QuestA

CL: Qeynos style Claim A Camp, (camp Buildingblacksmith B), Smith Bob QuestA set

CL: Qeynos style Claim A Camp, (camp blacksmith B), Smith Steve QuestB set

CL: Qeynos style Claim A Town, (Town Building blacksmith A), John QuestC set

CL: Qeynos style Claim A Town, (Town Building blacksmith C), John QuestC set

CL: Qeynos style Claim A Town, (Town Building Baker C), Baker Bill ,Quest A set

CL: Qeynos style Claim A City, (City Building Baker C), Baker Bill ,Quest A set


Each layer compounds on the other for a player. So first you pick a claim location, Depending on the CL city or whatever. you have certain buildings you can put out....After building selection this case Blacksmith Building that matches the CL Level. You then have a choice of Smiths to choose from. Each Smith is special...Coming with a list of content. Another claim may not have the same selection choices. So Claim A B C D may all have various building types and designs...with it comes a selection of NPC's and inside those NPC's comes a selection of Quests. Do this for every Race and Ever City in the game for each of the Style guides and you just made every Open Game Claim for players to assume Dynamic. Meaning no two servers will be the same and each week I as the player may decide to change out the Building and NPC and quests. Also if a Rally call changes the CL from a village to a town or to a City when I go to change it I am forced to upgrade to the City level. What does this do? it means when I change my building and another changes his building at a different time we make the city look like it progresses slower and more natural instead of a boom all changed. Also you can use claim taxes and Claim time limits to make players get on or the claim comes open for another player to take and this means they pick what ever building npc or quests that are for that CL level aka Town, City, Camp what ever. Even could do a Ruin. For NPC to look more real make them bound to the Building template so if it changes they must change. However they can walk around the city but they will always return to there main location/shop/crafting station or what ever. I have more ideas on this.

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