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  • black desert march 11 game update patch notes
    Black Desert March 11 Game Update Patch Notes [03/12/2016]

    Initially we had planned this maintenance today for the 16th March, but due to some urgent issues that had to be addressed swiftly, we decided to push this maintenance before the weekend.

  • about black desert online
    About Black Desert Online [02/13/2016]

    Black Desert Online will be released in early 2016 and will not be free to play or employ a subscription model. Instead players will buy the game once and can buy vanity items in-game to allow for further customization. Initially the game will be localized in English, French and German. Pricing details will be revealed soon.

  • about black desert pve and pvp
    About Black Desert PVE and PVP [12/22/2015]

    If you like PVE, Black Desert is not the game for you. BDO is a sandbox game and is only really good for exploring, playing the economy, and PVP. I played the Korean version and it was a super grindfest with the most basic questing of "go here and kill x of these."

  • black desert blader now live on korean servers
    Black Desert Blader now live on Korean Servers [04/30/2015]

    The 6th Class, the Blader has been released today on the korean servers. The Blader is an asian themed assassin class which uses a Katana as Main-Weapon and a Bow as Sub-Weapon.

  • an honest to god interview with pearl abyss on the status quo of black desert
    An honest to God interview with Pearl Abyss on the status quo of Black Desert [04/30/2015]

    In spite of their limited time availble during this time of the year, Pearl Abyss-publisher of Black Desert Online, took some time off to have another interview with our Team regarding several important aspects of the game


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