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  • i still love the blade and soul
    I Still Love the Blade And Soul [11/30/2016]

    I understand a lot of what OP is saying, although I still love the game, but my clan is no longer active.

  • i negatively affected by gameguard in bns
    I negatively affected by gameguard in BnS [11/22/2016]

    Anyone who's been around from beta will remember the few times that gameguard was disabled as being the times BnS played the smoothest *by far*.

  • blade   soul  quit match or just go afk
    Blade & Soul: Quit Match or Just Go Afk [11/14/2016]

    As a Destroyer against a team who got 3 Summoner, 2 Blade dancer, 1 warlock , What should I do ?

  • what is blade   soul  clock runners
    What Is Blade & Soul "Clock Runners" [11/08/2016]

    From KFM perspective, "clock runners" are the most annoying opponents in PVP. Any class that runs away more than 16m, please uninstall.

  • blade and soul  use sunflower for aoe purpose
    Blade And Soul: Use Sunflower for AOE Purpose [11/01/2016]

    if eu screams nerf it effects on the na people too who enjoys playing summs who also find it funny that have seen summ that only use sunflower for aoe purpose then comes to bosses they go for bees.

  • how many class can aoe in bns
    How many class can AoE in BnS [10/29/2016]

    The first 3 you listed are basically one skill on a cooldown that can feel like an eternity in pve content.

  • some suggestions for blade and soul
    Some Suggestions For Blade And Soul [10/25/2016]

    So I figured I might as well put this up as a suggestion for a few things people might like to see added to the game so feel free to add more ideas to this

  • blade and soul ssp changes
    Blade And Soul SSP Changes [10/22/2016]

    I know a lot of players have issues with soul stone plains, to be honest, I am one of them, i hate SSP's current setup but the answer I am hearing is not an answer, its a problem

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