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So this idea is giving more power to certain player. tho its not going to be random people or so. im suggesting in this idea that ncsoft should start recuiting/hiring(depending which word is more suiting) players to either be able to direct contact any gm or putting temporary ban on hackers/bots etc to reduce and help with the ingame problems that all servers are facing atm. tho to make this task simple and easier to get around this work that the player is doing should be considered "charity" or with other works not a paying job. with this they could get alot of more manpower against the bots and hackers without having to put in more resources. which is probably the reason they dont get more people to work on this.

The recuiting process itself could work in many diffrent ways and im sure ncsoft could come up with a way of that


So with this idea more people and specificly players to help and reduce the amount of botters and hackers ingame, while not having to put in more resources.


This is a fine idea..I have seen this being applied in some other game and they would promote some people from the community to  what they called "GS" or "Game Sage"..

However,it didn't work well as you think it would..


Well,R4PG will explain:


-First of all,I found that other company that applied this system to be better than NCSoft in terms of overall service and listening to players' feedback.

-However,this company still didn't supervise those "GS" they hired at first place to report the bots,hackers and any illegal conduct or even passing player's feedback to them and they didn't reward the good GS nor punish the bad ones..


-Moreover,it seems they started to choose GS among applicants depending on who pays more or so I guess since their last GS choice was of someone whom my whole server hated because,he was a drama queen as well as some other GS choices that were definitely not the best worth of this title.


-Some of those GS staff were actually good and positive and always tried to help..However,pity they seem to have never got rewarded.Hence,discouraging some of them to contribute more to the community except those who are doing it for the love of the game.


-As I said before,they chose a GS that was hated by almost our whole server back then and he seems to have paid alot before he got chosen as GS which would be seen on his gear..This GS later starts to pick on other people he had problems with before..He has power now and he is GS so he biches with others all he wants..Some people actually started to defend him as well just for having higher powers.


-I later told the GMs there about it and they told me they would talk to him..Idk if they did but it took sometimes till he stopped bugging me..That GS would sometimes kick me from dungeons if we happen to randomly end up being in same party  claiming that was  because,I was same class as him and he doesn't anyone else rolling for that class gear..Ofc,all party accepted party vote to kick me because,he is GS and I had a friend partied with me for that dungeon but she decides to continue dungeon with him till so he won't pick up on her later and I understood..


-Note:GMs there were actually pretty nice and used to host events in game and could see them in towns sometimes and talk to players etc not like the GMs here that I never saw in game even once since I started playing this game.


Conclusion:What I wanna say is without proper supervision and accurate choice of those higher authority players,they will hurt the game more instead of helping it if not by using their position to bully others then it will be by slacking which would make others angry and might quit because of the "if he is slacking then why wasn't I chosen?I would have done better" thought which makes them feel game is being unfair hence even more complaints on forums as well and more drama while bots,hackers etc will stay there and prosper..


The good bunch will have no authority but to report those bots to the GMs..They can't ban..So far,the bots seem not to decrease at all but they are actually increasing..Even speed hackers etc seem not to be banned although they seem to have been reported by many people and even got forum posts complaining of them not being banned after waiting very long time..

Not to mention the higher amount of people getting their accounts hacked even those with 2 step verification etc..


It is a good suggestion but its not a good time nor place for it..Imo,it would cause just more trouble in this game's case because,such system requires a company that is actually willing to work hard and supervise those they chose to have higher authority.

Better companies couldn't manage such system well..Let alone this one. :(


That's just R4PG opinion and based on my own experience.

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