Blade & Soul - Attack Power stigma is real I have noticed it growing

We have a problem the AP stigma is real I have noticed it growing for while now, but before that lets get up to speed on the specifics of the problem. Ap is your attack power more and more players have started to use it as a gauge to see how good you are at the game. Nc soft has created a problem whether it bore out of misunderstandings or good will, when i use those two terms I have a theory that these outrageous requirements are for a gamble if you would, the devs thought that:


1. They had a strong community will to withstand anything.

2. Deal with the bots.

3. It was getting close to end game so they used the end game precedent to justify this.


What I meant in point 1 is that remember all the RNG and hoping to get something, they assumed that since you all were dedicated that much for those little items you would endure this humongous wall that is upgrading. I mean if you you spent like 3 to 4 days farming for clothes I would assume you wouldn't mind doing these long tasks. On the other hand here is where they went wrong on that thinking the percentage of people who would actually do that is extremely small maybe at most 6% of all BnS players. To confirm this theory for yourselves think long and hard how many 550+ to 600 's have you seen doing dungeons i might see one every 5 dungeons and that being very lenient.


What I meant by 2 is that the bots to me where there to help the bot master get money and blade & soul gold to level up main character. NC soft made it so that one bot isn't enough and would lead to botters needing more which makes them more likely to be caught this goes without saying this plan blew up in their face big time. This plan though ambitious caused the blade and soul gold exchange takeover and market inflation. by this I mean at most you can farm the dailies in one day and get probably around 10-15 bns gold I think you can get more but lets have an average. The bots give their earnings to the bot master along with items that can be changed to fluid currency (business term meaning item transformed into cash). After having their upgrade chances dashed they took over currency exchange effectively cutting all hope of premiums having a quick blade and soul gold well. Now premiums in any mmo are the most likely to get money easy by cutting off the supply to premiums they have to farm which mean they put worth on farmed items to sell as well as non premiums we farming an selling as well. Now think for a moment the only reason you would be on marketplace is for convenience now the botter don't inflate the bns gold we do that us the actual player, I'll tell you how. We base our sell price on market price botters place their worth on items aka outrageous price we don't have to adhere(listen) to their price namely purchase their item but we sell it a little less (the problem) you as a seller wouldn't sell your item for unreasonably less than market price why?? because you're still in it for profit. That is how the botter takes advantage of it you see they will never get to true breeze or baleful weapons so they take away the exchange and slowly force you all to inflate so while you may see a chance to get a profit the botter just expands your horizons and allow you to "stroke your greed in a sense" thus the problem lies with us. Now I don't condone what the botters are doing but they have little to none to do what our current predicament. The last point really needs no exposition because you all been talking about it in forums a lot.

Now with these things happening this creates a rift between the players basically a have and have not scenarios BNS devs by having outrageous requirements we have three ways to deal with the problem


1. the prostrate method

2.The long term fix but jades other people.

3. Institute the AP requirement (which is legalized discrimination)


Point one the prostrate method this method is the quick fix which is basically when NC soft releases act 5 and 6 the offer 4 coupons or items in the very first story mission. these coupons uprgrade your weapon to awakened breeze or preferably true breeze, and the other three coupons upgrades your select accessories to oathbreaker or python.  The peeps who are already breeze just goes to scorpio or if scorpio goes straight to baleful. This method has a positive of not jading anyone as it is fair to all and it equalizes everyone to be able to do dungeons. The negative is this causes ncsoft to go out of the norm because clearly this is a freebie grab and no mmo company can pull this off without being seen as going out of business or some perceived inferiority of some kind. This method would be a quick shot of life into the dismal state the game is in.


Point 2 this point demands that NC soft lower the requirements of the game basically cutting farming materials to half like instead of 190 stingers you need only 50. This method is also co-opted by putting materials in dailies again and I mean a considerable amount. The positive being that the game is equalized but no one gets a jump start. The negative is this will jaded the other players who invested alot of time into getting to breeze level. 


Point 3 the Legalized discrimination basically if you put ap limits on dungeons you will ensure the demise of the game. There will be class or in this case ap warfare, haves and have nots. People say you dont need 500+ ap to do dungeons with all due respect that is a lie I have tried to do the yeti 20 times with ap 400+ and all times i lost. Not because the others were not familiar with mechanics but our combined dps was not enough its gotten so bad I have to discriminate against ap 400+ to the point 4 out my party must be 500+ if not I just quit while I am ahead. The ap requirement like block us off from even the sliver of hope to beat these dungeons and I am NOT going to farm to get that high this game is supposed to be fun not a chore. The rift will get so bad that the people who are high will stay high and the people who are low will continue to be low and then they WILL Quit and you will lose people. 


The only option I think we should do is point 1 even though i hate the idea of freebies but I hate being left behind even more I love this game but in all honesty if point or 2 is not implemented soon we are going to see a crash and very soon.  

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