Blade & Soul - What Has Ping Rate Bring to Us?

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Just that i hope that you do understand language issues that players face in those asia servers. If you happen to know about a blade and soul server that is fully Officially English other than North America server, please kindly enlighten us.


Just like what JoannaRamira said in a very nice manner, its hard in every aspect from understanding skill information (which not all server have exactly the same) to coordinating in dungeons etc. Its not going to be a game that we are playing but rather a chore that we will be managing.


Hope you see the issues that we face and know where we are coming from. Honestly, I am not surprised that comments like yours attempting to shut us down as you don't face this issue nor understand it, but what i was surprise is that most members in this forum were knowledgeable and did understand a bigger picture which may be also the reason why they didn't come in and shut us down with such a response.


Blade & Soul - What Has Ping Rate Bring to Us?


This post goes to thank everyone who saw the issues we faced as well. Thanks for understanding and taking the time to read.


Have a merry christmas ahead.


PS: if right now they have an asia server that is of reasonable ping rate to us and is fully official in English, it will mean Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, and Vietnam players in it. Given how big WCG (World Cyber Games) championship is in Singapore, you can imagine so many players flooding the game. I for one would surely move like what you suggested.


Above is also partly due to the fact that almost every house in singapore is wired with 1Gbps connection. Its just a shame that developers/publishers are not seeing it.


See this thread that forum managers closed instantly. I am not sure if they are aware of the numbers "in demand" that they are referring to. minimum 6 countries with that many players and well infra-structured award winning network , telling me its a lack of demand isn't really a good response. Try opening one in Singapore and they'll see results. Just look at how many gaming companies have migrated here and have started their office here.)  I really hope their marketing team can really get some updated research rather than sticking to old data. And i am not surprise that this thread will be closed soon. =D

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