Blade & Soul: Quit Match or Just Go Afk

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As a Destroyer against a team who got 3 Summoner, 2 Blade dancer, 1 warlock , What should I do ?


2 Blade dancer = 2 grab that require no cc like mine (Much love for the little Blade dancer over Destroyer) able to get on me while I got only 1 escape , 1 useless escape 


Ofcourse I won't mention that 2 grabs could be 4 grabs since they got a nice badge that gave them reset for their grab while me as Destroyer get 2 second extend on my grab, What a nice game love Destroyers 


3 summoner = powerful attacks, Root, Cats spam cc on me, Cat keep locking me into 3 grabs

1 warlock=  And I notice people say that warlock are easy target in 6v6, For real ?


Blade & Soul: Quit Match or Just Go Afk


Look down at that damage made by that Yori player who got only 620 ap , Just look at that nice 4 to 5k spamable dps that made over Destroyer with 2700 Crit def,2700 def and 1506 evasion


Yah that what I call a balanced weak class , Warlock just eat me alive with that damage while I hardly able to do 3k damage with my clevee adding to it a warth of more 3k


So tell me game, Is that how I suppose to progress in this game ? With weak class that is more and more pushed away in pve, Useless dps, Useless grab that make BD grab amazing beside it, Useless support, The only class without immune or good Iframe, The slowest class every and ofcourse the worst at making a damage cause I keep losing target and people move around.


Blade & Soul: Quit Match or Just Go Afk


Ofcourse I won't mention when I go against KFM or Assassin in  6v6 with their amazing fighting spirit added to play, Or how BM just eat me alive with their new toys you gave them, 

And I won't mention how unbalance this battlegrounds become special the new one, That make Assassin hide more and more amazing to steal stuff and run away in high speed.


Assassin got a better movement speed during hide than my movement speed while I fight , Really may I ask who the smart guy that added the idea of giving speed buff during hide ? Stealth = sneak in the shadow not run in the shadow 


I know people will come now, say either I should quit game or Reroll


Fine I wanna reroll, But it so late for me to reroll so maybe the nice game should gave me a reroll token as they Creation system lied about Destroyer ?

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