Blade And Soul - I cant imagine people flaming anybody for not being level 50

Ok, I love this game, I mean this game is like on my top 10 favorite MMORPG games. However, this game has some of the biggest buttholes ever. Most of the lvl 50s I have encounter in dungeons especially Naryu Labyrinth (omg don't get me started on meeting some of the biggest stuck up lvl 50s ever) have been some of the nastiest buttholes ever. I mean these people act like they the king or queen of everything and since I'm new to some of these dungeons, I get treated like I was already suppose to know everything about the dungeon. I mean come on, every single player on the game was new before, you just don't magically become an expert at a game the minute you get on it. I can't even do Naryu Labyrinth that much, cause these lvl 50s are just cold mofos and they either leave the dungeon silently or curse you out that you're the worst player ever in the game and then leave. This game is almost becoming another Jade Dynasty (this game is like rank #1 on the biggest a holes ever). I still love the game, but man, these a holes are horrible. Can a woman just do a dungeon and get some awesome soul shields without being cursed out?


What level were you when you entered the dungeon? Naryu is no cake walk and i highly doubt you had even decent gear if you were leveling and not properly gearing up yet. I dont expect people to have some insane AP, but being able to pull your own weight should be a obvious requirement.


Leveling to 49 should also be no problem. Assuming you were 45, the time needed to go to 49 is just a few hours of only doing the main story. That's a nice stat boost. After that you can start gearing up. With basic (even basic 45. Costs only a few douzen BNS Gold) gear you can get about >=400 AP, so dont be mad when people expect at least so much when you enter the hardest 45 dungeon.  


Also, while there are some scumbags out there, mostly when you tell them that you are new to the dungeon and ask for a quick explanation of the mechanics, players will explain them to you. However, unlike in other mmorpgs in blade & soul some of the dungeons are actually not a cakewalk. Before you first enter a new dungeon which is unknown to you, you (at least the purple ones since they are harder and have some mechanics other than "stay out of the circles") should watch a waltkthrough on youtube or read up some general informations about the dungeon.


Why am i writing all this? Well.. because i cant imagine people flaming anybody for not being level 50 (which takes about the same time or longer as a hongmoon level after 49 and doesnt have much value, compared to gear) IF the person has reasonable gear and doesnt cause the group to wipe because of a lack of communication or similar reasons. 


From what you told us, the situation is still pretty unclear. For all we know you could have been level 44 with a awakened infernal weapon, entering the dungeon without telling anybody that your gear sucks and you have no idea what you are doing (extreme scenarion as example) in which case it clearly would be your fault..

Or you could have been a decently geared level 49, nicely asking about boss mechanics and telling the group that it's your first time.


In the second scenarion clearly the group consisted of assholes, but honestly i cant imagine people reacting like you said in the above scenario, which is why i am sceptic and wrote all this. I understand both sides, based on the situation. The elitism in this game can be annoying, but on the other hand there are people expecting to be carried in content that clearly is not what they should be doing.

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