Blade And Soul - Some servers have serious Faction unbalance

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So I am an FM with 518 AP, and I worked my ass off for that, was actually happy how fast I can earn money from the new Silverfrost content, and upgrading to True Pirate and True Siren accessories was actually moderately easy, and it kept me going. However now I am stuck at True Breeze. Compared to all the previous path this one is ... like buying a Ferrari, and it's not even the end game weapon yet. I enter dungeons I see everyone requesting 500-550+ AP range people. Now that the true pirate path are being removed the cost from awakaned oathbreaker to true breeze almost doubled if not tripled, and the AP gain is ... well pretty much the same. Any new player that comes and does not have a main, will have a very hard time to get that going, and will pretty much quit in a week regardless he/she likes the game or not.

Let's just put up the prices here, on EU Soulstones are 37+ silver right now, moonstones 3.5+ last time I checked, stingers 3+ last time I checked, and transformation stones 16+ blade and soul gold each. These would all be okay but you need a ridiculous amount of each. You need 270 soulstones, you need 70 moonstones, and you need 190 stingers and ofc 12 Silverfrost Transformation stones. Newer the less moonstones are almost impossible to farm, because you can get 1-2 from boxes here and there but each of those boxes require a special RNG key, that usually costs more than just actually buying the Moonstones from marketplace. And once you get those, and you can finally breathe, you are ***** again at level 5, where it asks for 50 moonstones and 70 stingers again (or something like that).


With all these you still have to farm for your Warrior Tokens, which is quite hard with low AP and high ping, none-the less you need a ridiculous amount of those too from 50 to 100, and on top of it they are untradeable.


As for new people, moonwater transformation stones last time I checked were 6.2+ blade & soul gold on EU, how on earth will a new-comer make that bns gold to upgrade to profane? I mean everyone suggests to don't upgrade and continue the yellow quest, but you still have to kill stuff there, and a blue moonwater soulshield and blight weapon wont help there. And if they will it will take you several tries and deaths and frustration to complete even half of it for 1 moonwater transformation stone, and then what?


Find yourself a clan right? Tell me what clan does free carrying for low level people, especially bellow level 50 content? Almost none. Even I am demotivated to do any bellow 50 content such as BSH or Nyariu, I only do them cause they are required in dailies, but .... it's just no fun. With the reward they offer, is pretty much nothing. I see people when there is an E.fleet or Bloodshade quest in the dailies, they just keep asking in faction when does POH or MM spawn, they don't even care to enter and kill some bosses or help newbies to maybe make it faster? And the only good thing in Nyariu is the soulshields and as a new person you kinda need that, but who will grant you a 30 minute run with your 400+ AP? I am pretty sure nobody unless you find a really helpful clan.


The whole grinding system in this game should be about to slowly be able to progress and eventually enjoy the end game content, but what it is now is struggle through low level areas, and then struggle more in end game content. And like that's not enough, struggle even more after that to reach others so you can finally join a 550AP group without being called something, or just plainly being kicked from parties or left alone. 


Some servers have serious Faction unbalance. Currently the only worthy thing you can do is farm SSP, which will NOT happen if on your server there is a ruling faction. Because they most probably will be there all day long, while you can go farm ... well whatever you wanna farm. 


Arena? Well good luck getting bns gold there, especially if you are new. Not only the ping spikes will make you curse everything in existence, but as well players "perfected" rotations that the only thing you can do is to sit there and wait to die. Without at least blade-soul gold rank it's not even worth to farm soulstones there. Needless to say you still have to go 50 heroics to get your dragon express whatever it's called to trade them for soulstones, and with low AP you will have a hard time getting those since nobody wants to join in a dungeon with you.


Whirlwind is more of an end game content, and with more and more 600 AP+ people popping up, anyone bellow that has little to no chance to survive. Not that you can farm anything "super cool" there but it's still the "easiest" way to earn moonstones, since the keys seem to drop quite often in dungeons.


To add a bit more to the problems, even if you join an active faction, and you can farm SSP, you most probably wont get any loot or credit, since the 600+ AP people clear the bosses in seconds.Only thing you can get is a little bit of prestige, but you must watch it closely (they did not add a counter where you can actually see it, you have to press P and check it yourself from time to time, or at least I haven't found a counter as of yet) and return it when you have enough, or you'll become number 1 target for hackers and opposite faction.


So that's my 2 cents, and I hope there will be something done about these aspects, as of right now, anyone who joins will be de-motivated to do anything after like level 48, and probably quit.

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