Blade and Soul - trove event

Before treasure trove event, you could get an outfit for like 20-25bns gold (it was around 1:60) after this event till now its around 1:8 .... now if you wanna buy an outfit it costs you around 150 blade & soul is being said that we control the currency exchange etc., but this event was the one that ruined it forever. now a casual player can't get even an outfit or something that they might want (which is not something of a big deal - at least shouldn't be). making this event was the ultimate best idea of NCSOFT, a lot of ppl bought NCoins; the currency exchanged got *cricket*ed up and there is nothing that would be worth buying with this 1:8 ratio so it makes more ppl buy NCoin. I have to admit, NCSOFT, this economical strategy (for the company's own good) deserves an A+ grade really. 

And yes, for p2w players it might be cheaper, but they would still buy as they did before, so I don't really care about them. if they wanna be walletheroes, then spend more. they deserve it.


Though I have to admit that also NCSOFT should make a ratio limit, since at this low ratio they don't gain as much money from p2w players as they would (and did) with a higher currency exchange ratio.


Today, its like double of what you said, and okay I get it, anyway the event affected the currency exchange very strongly and it started the decreasing the ratio. if the event didn't happen, it may would be around 1:30+ still, but we will never find out.


Thats why it should be good if the game would have an own currency instead if NCoin, cuz NCin is globaly used for other ncsoft games as well, so they cant change the amount of NCoin you buy for a price, but if we had  for example 'BCoin' (instead of NCoin) which is only used by B&S and we would still have HMCoin, then NCSOFT would be aple to play with Bcoin buying prices and store item prices etc, so it wouldnt change for them, and neither for casual players. Though it is never going to be implemented, but those game which have their own currency are more flexible to benefit more sides.


- Would be also nice if p2w didnt come with egoboost. 90%of p2w players every 2nd sentence is: "plebs this, plebs that" towards casual players. (im not talking about you, just to avoid missunderstandings)

- Also would be nice if an event wasnt completly find out for p2w players, like this treasure trove, cuz a casual player who had no HMCoin couldn't even get a key, or expend his trove window, cuz the whole currency exchange was messed up... anyway, the current event we have is good. though I think p2w players are crying that they can't get more RNG pouches with opening charms... finally some event which gives equal chances


Other might feel envy for them just because they've got opie gear, I personally do not really care how they got their gear. I only care only when I see they sniffy towards casual players like they were some gods or something. if they choose the way to buy things to get to the end faster, it's okay. but it doesn't give them the right to talk as they talk. and that is why the part of the casual player part of the community (too many "of" i know...) might treat them back as they might do. it's walletheroes -> casual players -> walletheroes, and not casual players -> walleter heroes -> casual players , so basically their upperclass behaviour is that what causes antipathy in the casual player's feelings. I also know that talking about them as one person is not nice cuz there are exceptions, so respect to them.


On trove event - if you recall (or maybe you don't even know cuz you paid for everything) - with the ratio limits, a lot of casual players were not able to sell their blade and soul gold. This is also a fact. And meanwhile the "whales" had no problem, of course.


I also admit that the game needs to make income to keep it up. it would be lossmaking anyway. and yes, that money comes from "whales". Like in every other games. I have played Aion for 4 and a half years, and when arabs began to spread in it, they were the true walletheroes, yet I still didn't see such sniffy behaviour of 'em. When I first saw it here in Blade & Soul I was like "is this real?"

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