Blade And Soul: A Peaceful Rant

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So I'll go on and look at forums or read game chats and I'll come across some very upset players who can say some unnecessary mean things. While issues are a nuisance, they are by no means something to take out on the developers or say that they don't do their jobs and so forth and what not. See what a lot of players, and if you don't fall into this category then I'm not talking about you, fail to realize is the amount of coding, time, and thought that goes into a game of this nature.


Blade And Soul: A Peaceful Rant


1) Bugs. To debug a program is not simple by all means and one of this size has to take a lot of people pouring through the code to find the mistake and rewrite it. That bug could be such a small mistake as a missing ; . Those are the hardest to honestly find are the small mistakes such as those. So to complain that a bug isn't being fixed fast enough, well guess what, I am pretty sure they are moving as fast as they can. I can only image the amount of lines of code in the program has. So please for their sake, stop and think about that before you go on writing about them not doing their job like it is something that can be fixed in a week let alone at time in a month. I took four programming class and found that while basic programming was seemly easy, once the more complex the code became the more I realized how much knowledge that a person needs to read and understand the syntax of a program. They do not call coding another language for no reason.


2) Cut scenes. Speaking of coding, has anyone realized that the cut scenes show your character in the outfit you have them currently dressed in? It amazing me every time I watch one because of the thoughtfulness that they put into that to keep you and your character a continuous part of the story. Image if every scene had the character revert back to the first outfit and that everyone had to watch the same outfit. I noticed that detail and I personally am thankful for that because it does keep me connected to the story.  I absolutely love my character and the thought process I have going through matching outfits that it feels good to not see it ruined in a scene. Thank you. You guys are awesome for that. The graphics are amazing and the time spent going into that had been a lot.


3) Paying. For those that complain about this is a pay to win and such game, you forget that the developers need to eat too like you. In order to give you the game you play, they have to encourage people to want to pay to play. My guess is there are more people not paying anything for anything than those that do. I, being a single unemployed mother in school for DAT degree, appreciate the fact that we even get a chance to get hongmoon coins just to buy what the N-coins can get you. I appreciate being able to play this game in the first place. Don't get me wrong, at times I go ugh too and wish something didn't have to be paid for But at the same time I understand why it is done and I move on to what I can do. This is what I chose to play in my free time and I am so happy I do have this to come to when I need a break. I hate to bring it back to the coding but dang, they honestly do deserve what they get for effort that goes into this. Also, thanks to daily dash, I get a chance to get items that I can't come across easily in the first place. It's nice to have another way to get an item.


4) Game guard. Yes it sucks when or if it causes the game to crash on you but they gave that to you to help your account not get hacked so easily. They don't have to care to be honest but they do. Enough said. I also noticed that the numbers are randomized for the pin. That's awesome and actually makes me feel safer about putting my number in. I'm sure that was your goal. It's been met if so.


5) Server crashes. Yes they suck. I've complained about those situations too. But I think on it and understanding servers, to a point, is that they can get overloaded. I am also guessing the company has only so many servers which can handle only so much people on at once. I am sure they are doing the best they can to keep up with everything. Yes, I know, it sucks a lot especially if it happens in the middle of something but remember, get upset at the situation, not the developers. 


Yes, I have complained myself about things such as getting the same thing every time I open the chests from the dueling quest and other stuff. I, in no means though, get upset with the actual game or developers. I definitely do not say insulting things about the developers. So please players who do do this, stop and think about this. Can you make a game like this? If not, be understanding at the least of what is going on.

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