Blade and Soul: new content arrives August 24th

New content arrives August 24th this is the information I gleaned from the live stream.


It didn't seem like any new story content will be on the 24th besides the Desolate Tomb.


New event will begin based on 6v6 Whirlwind Valley with Sparkling Hexagonal Citrine reward, outfit, and weapon skins.

Whirlwind Battle Coins and Black Raven Feathers will be the event currency (not Bravery).


Skill updates including new restraint skills will be in the August 24th patch, complete notes will be available Tuesday the 23rd of August.

Pirate/Siren Emblems will become account bound

A disconnect penalty will be added to the Duel Arena.

Tidal Treasures and Growth Seeds events will be ending, transmuting and the item shop will still be available until September 13th.

Whirlwind Valley can only be qued as single or 2 man parties.

New rewards for tag and 6 man PvP.


Blade and Soul: new content arrives August 24th


DPS meter coming-

Also will show during single player dungeons like Mushins Tower.

Will only show during  4 man bosses/raid bosses.

They talked about adjusting the DPS meter based on feedback in the future, such as having it show for training dummies.


Daily Challenge reward shop new items will be added as well as reduced costs in Heavenly Energy by 50% (don't spend your heavenly energy on reward shop items till Wednesday).

New weapon tree weapons in reward shop.

1 million XP charms.


Desolate Tomb will be added.

Hongmoon level 9 recommended.

New dungeon outfit.

Legendary necklace will be a rare drop (only necklace in this patch).

New Oblivion Soul Shield with a 3 piece set bonus (7% critical damage).


Awakened Oblivion accessories WILL NOT be an accessory path like mentioned in the producers roadmap.

Our region will go immediately to the legendary path starting with the Draken Necklace available in Desolate Tomb with other legendary accessories coming in future content.

Legendary accessories will need Legendary Jewels for upgrading regular jewels will not work.

Legendary Jewels will be available through the Dragon Express (live stream showed a cost of 20g gold per jewel) and can be obtained from salvaging current high level accessories (live stream showed receiving 30 legendary jewels from salvaging).


Floor 13 tickets will drop from other high level floors in Mushins Tower.

A Treasure Trove event will temporarily replace the daily dash.


I missed anything or if anything is inaccurate feel free to add it!

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