Blade And Soul: Quick Fix to get High Population

There is a few very simple fixes to the game that would get people to stay when they try the game, and from very common complaints that are the main/only reason people leave the game.


1. Afk/bot removal of arena and dungeons: 


  -Very easy fix, many games have an auto kick if inactive in matches.  But very major issue, that part of party or tag team in area are just standing there.  You get credit in Arena if you lose and don't do 1 point in damage, same is true with dungeons.  So you see people have bot que for both, sit afk and win or lose they get beans/rewards.


2. Penalty for low level PvP killing: 


-Very easy fix, games have had these mechanics back in original MMOs from 90s.  But a very main issue in the game, since a good part of game is faction PvP.  You will see level 50hm10s going from low level faction area to low level faction area killing the new players, these players will try to switch channels and these trolls will follow them to every channel just lowbie killing for points.  Very common sense, without need of hearing constant complaints in game on faction chat, that this will upset people and drive people away from game at very low level.  I remember early games like Guild Wars, that had a 5 level flex you can attack without penalty (-5 levels of your level).


Blade And Soul: Quick Fix to get High Population


3. Stop spawn killing and revive killing:


- Spawn tower guards should instant kill all enemy faction players that go to kill spawning players before in range to do pulls or any skills, the other thing is to stop revive if wearing enemy faction outfit.  The common excuse of the trolls doing this toxic behavior is "hit 3, your fault".  That is not the point, it is still toxic and upsetting to people to be trying to do dailies only to be killed at spawn areas or revived and killed.  The game also does not teach you to hit 3, you have to figure it out on your own and many don't until they have been corpse camped for a long period while at that point already ready to uninstall game.  There is no reason to allow this behavior, it is not fun and it is not part of the game to revive kill or spawn camp.  It is purely toxic behavior chasing people off, and no logical rational reason for NCsoft to allow it.


4. Stop macro use:


-Many people get high ranks in pvp and mushin tower, because they macro fight.  This is not fair, and more so when you are on the receiving end.  This is a very major issue in game and causes many people to avoid PvP and then getting bored with endless grinding, so they just leave the game.  Very simple 1 line of code that needs to fix the issue, will take NCsoft literally 30 seconds to fix Macro issue, just install a .3 second wait time for next skill use.  In lag macros fail, because the macro just instantly does every move instantly one after the other in a chain 12345.  So in lag 1 will register, 2 will not register, 3 will not be available since 2 did not register, then neither will 4 or 5.  So using same concept, just put a timer between skills and it will stop macros instantly without any effort.


5. Fix Arena matches:


- This has been said many times on forums, not really wanting to beat a dead horse, but will place it just so it is a complete list.  When you do level 30 mission "try arena match", you are ranked up against level 50hm10 players.  This is not fair, it is not fun, and it is literally just stupid.  Who wants to fight a 50HM10 full gear at level 30?  No one, and why arena fighting is going down.  Very easy fix with this also, just put a 5 level tier system in game.  levels 30-35 training arena, 36-40 advanced arena, 41-45 experienced arena, etc.  Common sense, easy fix, and will help arena activity flourish then one more major element in game playable to attract players to stay.


6. Marketplace Prices:


- Free market does not work, you can see that in every MMO that has every had a market place.  You have people getting items and selling it way to high priced, then when someone tries to under sell them they will just buy their stuff and sell it themselves at the same high price as their stuff already is.  Other games have this option, where marketplace has a max/min sell price so things are balanced.  You have f2p players and casual players that can not afford most stuff, because they do not have ability or time to grind like the 30 yr old men still living in mom's basement. No insult against them, do your thing, but their lack of motivation to have  a life outside of B&S should not cause other players to be hindered or hurt.


...could be other very common and simple fixes to the game to get it doing so much better, but this seems to be the major issues that drive mass amounts of new/old players off that can be all fixed in literally a day at most.  So 8 hours of employee pay might be worth the millions more the game can profit, if common sense and easy fixes were made.

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