Blade And Soul: when defense ability ignores awakening

KFMs just need better defensive options, the rest is fine honestly. Some things like:

*Note I don't want ALL of that, but getting one or two of those would make things a hell of a lot better.


- Make our block skill not have retarded giant gaps between each use, seriously, anyone that doesn't play from the other end of the World and has a modicum of PvP experience can catch you BETWEEN your counters reliably. Especially easy for classes with instant rushes/CCs like... Well, everyone not Destroyer or BM. Let's not even mention Elbow Smash since the gap is almost a whole freaking second. I'd actually trade the ability to move for no gaps in our block, I'd even trade part of the immunity. That's how annoying this thing is when you start to get into Platinum, EVERYONE catches you between blocks, not even factoring all the guard breaking skills.


Blade And Soul: when defense ability ignores awakening


- Move Ice flower to another button for *cricket*s sake, or move the jump. Let's say you're facing a BM at a distance, you SEE him use HM Z, what are your solutions ? SS or Ice flower, except in order to use Ice Flower and NOT the jump you have to do a 180° which is bloody retarded for a defensive skill. Not to mention all those times where you want to ice but due to the delay you end up instantly tabbing... These days I end up using jump Tab asap solely to NOT have to worry about this problem.


- Increase Tiger Strike range to 5m. Now, this is an offensive buff but giving us that would allow us to play out of Tab range reliably, like pretty much everyone in the game can via other means (emberstomp, ranged damage, 5hit immunity skills etc...). Wouldn't exactly be overpowered since the chi cost is still super high.


- Allow us to use Avenging Fist without a successful counter. Now that's apparently something we'll get, which is good, with the immunity tree (which is apparently the only tree that stays anyway) if you pay attention you'll be able to use it when you see BM's HM Z coming, or any defense breaking skill, or to cover up the retarded gap between counters. 


- Make our Q/E work like every other Q/E in the game, aka allow it to work even if we're not facing the opponent... Seriously, we're supposed to have the best Q/E in the game but I believe BM's is better. Theirs have half the CD, can even be used without CD if they're in draw stance which is triggered by a flock of skills, theirs is super fast, fast enough that if you're slow on the reaction you can get back-stunned (good BD's do that a lot too) and works even if they have their *cricket*ing back turned on you. Yeah yeah sure 1sec immunity bla bla, doesn't matter if you can't even use it because the guy flash-stepped to your back and stun flickered you...


See, there's no need to give us ridiculously OP stuff like triple kick working on ground counter (lolsin'sdoesworkongroundthough) or a second escape or a bubble whatever. I'd just like to be able to defend myself properly.


Also, if it's true we're getting a huge Burst skill a la Lightning Draw (although slightly lower damage, if I understood the values correctly) available on CC'd opponents that will be nice because it will allow us to do damage while taking anti-tab measures (something like CC -> burst skill -> aerial, might even be able to sneak in a shin kick if the skill executes fast enough) but I'm skeptical because the translation said the CD was 3 seconds, which sounds really OP, or it meant the casting time is 3 seconds which would make it unusable anyway... So better wait for confirmation on that one.

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