Blade and Soul Gallery of Cashshop Costumes and Accessories at Launch

Hey everyone, with the early access just hours away, I thought some of you may like to take a look at the cashshop costumes available in the Ncstore at launch/early access.

Something to note is that unlike some other games, the costumes in Blade and Soul can be vastly different based on your gender/race combination. Hence I have tried to get every possible race/gender combination pics. Also beware of costumes that are restricted to specific race/gender.

For a gallery view go here (cosmetic tab, scroll down): or

Blade and Soul Gallery of Cashshop Costumes and Accessories at Launch


All Races/Genders

  • Blue Porcelain - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD). This is the costumes you can get with a limited time VIP package in Taiwan. Has a head accessory that is female only and need to be purchased separately.
  • Fight Fire with Fire -1200 NCoins ($15 USD). A bit simplistic for the price. Not too much racial variation.
  • Holly Jolly - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD). Limited time Christmas costume. Less skimpy of the two holiday costumes.
  • Winter Flower - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD). Limited time Christmas costume. This one shows more skin.
  • Rising Sun - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD). Very red and flowery, reminds of that crafted armor set in GW2.
  • Wish - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD). Black/white form fitting outfit. Almost identical across all races/genders.
  • First Step - 1000 NCoins ($12.5 USD)
  • Yellow Dahlia - 1000 NCoins ($12.5 USD)
  • Merry Weather - 1000 NCoins ($12.5 USD) - Green Trenchcoat
  • Secret Agent - 1000 NCoins ($12.5 USD) - This was a rare drop from one of the soloable quests in Taiwan.
  • Pioneer - 800 NCoins ($10 USD) - Leather costume.
  • Heavenly - 800 NCoins ($10 USD)

All Races/Female Only

Scarlet Shade - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD). Has a white tail.

White Rosetta - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD).

All Races/Male Only

White Rosetta -1200 NCoins ($15 USD). White suit.

Jin Female Only

Ivory Bird - 1000 NCoins ($12.5 USD)

Lyn Female Only

Pink Bear Set - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD).

Luciole - 1000 NCoins ($12.5 USD). Pink princess dress.

Lyn Male Only

Baby Blue Bear Set - 1200 NCoins ($15 USD).


  • Fan Head Adornment - 400 NCoins ($5 USD). Goes with the Blue Procelain costume. Female only.
  • Foxy - 400 NCoins ($5 USD). Black Glasses for all.
  • Latest Trend - 400 NCoins ($5 USD). Long braided hairstyle for all races/gender.

There are a couple more accessories I don't have ingame pics yet but I can those tomorrow with early access and update the post.

Same thing for cat gear/weapon skins.


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