Blade And Soul needs to be changed

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So I'm one of the people who has loved this game since before I can remember I would count the days before it would be released then spend all my days/nights playing it, as I loved the game way too much I ignored the direction the game was taking and the comments people were making about it, the majority of people leaving. However, I can finally understand why the hype has completely died as I tried to explain to so many friends why they should play Blade and Soul after explaining it to them I finally saw it right in-front of how as to how grindy and quickly to burn you out this game is: 


The overall leveling is perfect and I would not change anything about it however when hongmoon levels are added into the equation that becomes harder to accept, as I tried explaining to my friends after you cap you will have hongmoon levels where you will spend most of your day completing 40 quests only to get a very tiny percentage increase and these levels are crucial to stat and skill building.



The gear progression system is one of the worst I have ever seen throughout MMOs, at the beginning it didnt bother me at all during the 45 cap as they were very reasonable however as we came into the silverfrost stage you are required for hundreds and hundreds of mats to progress to the next stage only to repeat the same process yet again and farm those hundreds of mats (stingers/moonstones/flowers etc)


Hongmoon energy- to be able to get from stage 1-5 you will need  183 ornaments, 92 evolved stone, 4 premium stones and 55g (total) : 5331 Blade and Soul Gold


Pet system- I was very exciting when I heard about the release of pets only to release yet again it is something else you are required to enhance up to stage 10 which means 25 stones are required 


Gems- In order to obtain the best gems in the game you will 1) spend your life doing blackwyrm to be able to buy 1 gem at a time at 1000 essences 2) spend money to try your luck at getting them from the store rng boxes 3) try your luck and open rng pouches for diamonds or buy them at 400g


Alts - If you are someone who loves to try new things and not stick to one character this is not the game for you, as you will have to start completely from scratch in order to fully gear up that character as well which in any game I would say is completely fair and would make alot of sense however, in blade and soul it means you are wasting another year of your life. I would love to be able to play alts but given the expenses it would require I simply cannot afford it if I wish to someday get to ledendary


Legendary weapons- I'm not going to go into a lot of details on this as I dont have all the details and im not sure If i am fully correct with the materials however from what I have heard the main problems people will face when attempting to go for a legendary would be the 10 premium silverfrost stones as these along with 35 regular stones, 560 stingers ? and 250 moonstones? bring the price to 7018 blade and soul gold


Crafting- I love the crafting in this game as in the early on it required you to go out and find the materials, however now you are required to wait 12 hours to craft one item and then 24 hours to craft something else using that other item you previously crafted. This took the fun completely out of crafting as when you are crafting lets say stones you will not be able to use them for atleast 1.5 days which is absurd. 


Hongmoon skills- To me this has been one of the things that bothered me from the very beginning as to be able to obtain my hongmoon skills first I had to join a clan, then the following one required me to do dailies everyday until I got 300 reclaimed pages (which you are limited to how many you can get a day which means you must spam it everyday to get it) and now you need to buy a stone from a vendor in cold storage for 120 stones ( encourages purchase of resets) and combine it with another stone you can only get from Asura 4man (which you will struggle to do without getting your gear up) or buy it at the market for 500-600 bns gold


I completely understand that NC cannot directly change anything regarding any of this as they are simply following other versions of the game but I am simply saying the game cannot go on this way people are getting too burnt out and I love this game too much to quit however, I feel like im reaching my limit lately. I cannot convince any of my friends to play this when they hear about any of this.


Ways to change:


Allow us to transfer hongmoon Rings/Necklace/Earing/bracelet/Belt between characters of the same account this will not harm the income of the company as more people will be inclined to actually be able to make alts without needing to completely restart other than weapon/soul and soulshields which is completely fair.


Hold events or just flat out increase the drop rate significantly. I am aware of the recent "increase" of drops of stingers however if they were actually increased at all they were not increased to make any significant difference. I'm not trying to offend anyone or speak poorly of the company however the trove event and the Nebula stones were not put in to assist us with progressing further that was a cash ploy and a very good one but In the end it did not lower the market prices it ironically pushed them up (not including ornaments and soulstones for a short period of time) 

-] Change the way hongmoon levels are, currently lvling up your hongmoon levels is more of a job than an actually level up as you will spend most of your day getting your 40 dailies done for a few % and you're supposed to do this until you max out which is just awful.


Hongmoon skills should not be that much of a grind to obtain 


I know the majority of the comments are going to be along the lines of

- You dont need a legendary

- You dont need the best gems

- You dont need a pet


And so on although you are right to a degree you do not need those things to enjoy the game however, when you are trying to actually level up and farm and do dungeons actively you will face alot of different problems regarding not having enough AP for instance and not being allowed to join dungeons or in cases like infinity or battleground your stats are too low to benefit anyone.


I'm not saying I want to cap in a day and be fully maxed out on that same day I'm just saying I wish I could play a game where I can actually enjoy that game without the constant fear of being left behind in gears/AP/ skills and have everyone around me quitting as they are just simply tired of the burn out.

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