Blade And Soul PVP arena unbalanced

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In my opinion there is too much wrong with the balance in PVP the arena. In this thread I'll give you my opinion what I think should be changed.


The 100% to 0% combo that almost every class can do is ruining PVP arena.

It's really frustating when you still have ~80% hp+ and your oppenent has 10% hp left and than still manage to get you to 0% hp without losing health.

I haven't played every class so ofcourse I still make mistakes, but that 1 mistake can get you to 100% to 0 hp in a matter of seconds.


In my opinion for every class there should  be a few changes when entering the PVP arena. 


For all classes:

knockdown/daze/stun etc: Decrease duration of every knockdown/daze/stun by 1 or 1.5 sec ( for example 3sec knockback changes to 2 sec or 1.5 sec) making it alot harder to 100%>0 someone)

Movement speed buffs: speed buff not able incombination with evade buff + decrease movement speed buffs by 50% ( if movement speed now gives +30% it should be +15%)

All 5 resistance buffs: change from 5 resistance from damage to 3


For Range classes:

Aiming ranged attack: Your crosshair have has to be alot closer to target to attack your enemy. (I dont know how many meters you can look to the right/left side of your enemy and still auto target him would say 4 or 5? should be decreased to 2)


Blade Master:

Flash Step: change use from 3 steps to 2

Block: Increase cooldown by  0.8 sec

Five point strike (Knock up skil not sure if it's the right name): Decrease dmg by 30%


Kung Fu Master:

Counter: Increase cooldown from 1.3 to 2 sec

Footwork/Shadow Dance: Increase cooldown to 25 sec



Hurricane: Increase cooldown from instant to 0,5 sec

Typhoon: Decrease damage by 25-35% + cost focus increase from 10 to 15

Fury: Decrease overal dmg during use by ~15%

Grab: Increase cooldown from 18 sec to 24 sec


Force Master:

LB+RB: Change Area from target to 2x16 (like sunflower) OR decrease dmg by 25-35%

Chill stacks: Decrease from 6 secs to 3 sec

Phantom grib: Add requirement, can only be used on stunned, knockdown, dazed enemies + decrease range to 6m



Webbing: Increase cooldown from 18 to 25 sec

Stealth: Increase cooldown from 36 to 45 sec

Shadow dash: Increase cooldown from 6 to 10 sec + decrease evade buff by 60-75%

Sneak attack: Increase cast time from instant to 0.3 sec

Lotus escape: increase cooldown from 30 to 38 sec OR/AND Decrease area from 100m to 12m



Power Pounce: Increase cooldown from 18 sec to 28 or 30 sec + decrease duration from 5 sec to 3 or 3,5 sec

Grasping roots F1 T2/3: Cooldown refreshed on counter with seed shroud Changed to Decrease cooldown by 16 sec

Lunge: Change not being able to use when enemy using is in the air using a skill

Seed Shroud: Increase cooldown from 8 to 15 sec + User resist to damage,status effect from 1.5 sec to 1sec

Cat: Decrease damage by ~70%

True Friend: Decrease healing effect by 30% or 50% + increase cooldown from 24 sec to 30 sec


Blade Dancer:

Vortex: Increase cooldown from 1 sec to 1.5 or 2 sec

Phantom Grib: Add requirement, can only be used on stunned, knockdown, dazed enemies + decrease range to 4m

Guardian tempest: Increase cooldown from 36 sec to 45 sec

Five point strike: Decrease dmg by 30%



Thrall: Decrease hit box by half

Thall Gravity well:  Decrease amount of times pulling enemies by 1 time

Time Distortion/soulburn: Decrease damage during use by 25-30%

Dragoncall: Decrease dmg by 10-15%

Soul Shackle: Duration from 5 sec to 3 or 3.5 sec


PVP arena:

If 5 matches in a row end in the time running out zen bean/exp reward gets halfed (This to avoid hide&seek/stalling games)


Feel free to leave a reply about your opinion if it's fine the way it is or if you would like to see some changes.


I know some things I mentioned might look redicilouis but it's just an opinion I have. If you know some better changes or anything  feel free to leave reply.


I made this thread beause I see alot of people complaining about PVP arena (including myself) and that they should change somethings thats why I made it and hope you guys also have some nice/good idea's on how they can improve PVP arena so more people will like it. (big fan of pvping but kind of disliking it how it is at the moment.)

Also made a small poll for those who prefer not to reply but still have a opinion


Used for skill descriptions/namse so thanks to for this.


Remember this is just an opinion dont take it to seriously, It might look I try to nerf every class which make every match looks like it will last 5 min. But I am just trying to point out that there is a massive unbalance in PVP arena. And ofcourse the changes i wrote here would never happen but a few changes here and than would be nice


I know there are close to no changes in the upcoming schedules, but as we've seen with other things. If people dislike or disagree with something they might take a look at it to make it more balanced so more people will be satisfied with the arena.

And agree with you, that they have to balance the arena gameplay if they want to make it a esport.

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