blade and soul revamps

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Me and a friend of mine just had a random moment where we started talking about changes to the game we would like to see. I want to share it with everyone to get the community talking about it and maybe even getting this up the chain to see it actually in game. Thank you all for reading this and any comments that take place! God bless you all and have a wonderful day (or wonderful night for you weird night owls <3 out there :D). ALL OF YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE!


I would love to see these put into game, im open for conversation as long as it is non-toxic towards the people that take part of this post. I want to offer our ideas up to the staff to tell them how i would like the game to change, to favor the player having a more fun and better experience. My way of offering this up to the staff is this forum post, and how the community reacts to this. if the community reacts good to this then the stuff said in the post could very well make it into game.  I know that some of the things in the list would be difficult to implement, some more than others, i would still love to see what people think about this list. Im open to any more ideas, but i do want it to be fair to the player, where it doesn't ruin the game's value but actually makes the game more fun.




new dungeons that drop evolution materials. 


moonwater transformation stones are max evolution stones, but as you level up the gear it keeps increasing the amt exponentially. (or at least make the MWTS be transferred into SFTS, say 25 MW stones to 1 SF stone, and ratios for the lower ends as well. cinderland stones shouldnt be transfered to moonwater stones, or have it a hefty price since the gold price is vastly different)

6/4-man dungeons share cd

same item drop shares cd

one boss dungeons like wintermane.

dungeons drop a minimum of the minimum set for stones. 

drops other evolution materials for loot as well, obviously based off of the clear area.


viridian coast - once a day 10 stone drops per. viridian evo stones

cinderlands - 10 per drop, 3 day cd. cinderland evo stones

moonwater - lvls 40-45, 1 week cd, 6-man drops 1-5, 4-man drops 3-7 moonwater evo stones.

silverfrost - 46-49, 1 week cd, 6-man drops 2-5, 4-man drops 4-7 moonwater evo stones.

silverfrost - 50+, 1 week cd, 6-man drops 3-7, 4-man drops 6-12 moonwater evo stones


blade and soul revamps


could make the rarer dungeons available during a certain time.  like the lvl 46 SF dungeon only open on Wednesdays. 

also make it so that if you lvl during the same day and you go from one dungeon to the next (for Moonwater transformation stones only) that it is already counted as cleared. your lvl 45 and clearing the weekly dungeon lvls you and puts you in the next dungeon, but you wont be able to enter the new weekly dungeon until next week. and have a certain quest cleared requirement (for the lvl 50 dungeon have to clear the full quest line ect ect)




guild dungeons.


can only run with guild members.1 day, 1 week cd, and 1 month cd. drops from the dungeon are very rare drops, costumes, shop costumes, evo mats, gold. 

guild dungeon is a floor dungeon with one boss/group of mobs like mushin's tower. higher you go the better drops. ea person gets different drops. 

1 day cd you can ONLY enter floors 1-10. 

1 week is 1-50

1 month is 1-100

numbers are based off of 100, but your one month clear will constitute as 100% floor of your clears (based off of individual clears, so one person from a four man group cleared up to 100, can go into another party, and take the average of the individual clears and make that the max)

clear 100 floors in month cd, 1 day can clear 10% (or something else) of that, one week is 50%. (should have a minimum floor clear for 1 day/week)




no more p2w mats in the hongmoon store, only costumes and chance boxes. chance boxes wont be up all the time, but will have a chance to get any costume (including exclusive ones that can no longer be gotten). or could have different versions of chance boxes that offer a constrained set of costumes and one yearly chance box that has a chance to get all costumes. if you get multiple costumes of the same one, when you salvage it you get fabric and gold, or some other way of giving at least some of the money people put into it back in game.


i do understand that the game has to make ncsoft money for them to keep it up. Dragon Nest (hosted by nexon for now, but not for much longer) would release new costumes every few weeks. the costumes gave rare effects and stats (I AM NOT SAYING TO ADD STATS TO THE COSTUMES). But getting a full set of costumes could give a cool effect, like a yeti outfit and the full set effect gives a blizzard effect around the character while in a town instance (to reduce lag in dungeons). set effects giving cool lightning effects, different colors of lightning effects, fire effects, smoke effects. i think that could be a good way to make money, LET BLADE AND FASHION COMMENCE! 

But dragon nest in itself (i believe) made A TONNNN of money, and only because people wanted to look good. Although it was also for the stats on the costumes, but i do believe it was mostly for the looks. Also the fact that people are paying for premium membership, having new costumes come out that would be awesome, like having set effects, would bring in a lot of money. one of the set effects, could be a new emotes, new skills (doesn't deal any dmg, but just to look cool.). that would be found under a new key bind under the "F12" which brings up the emotes. F12 - > z is a new set of emotes which you can use when you have the full set equipped.




different familiars for cats (can spec into them), tanking, healing, dps familiars.


pure healing familiar gives off a pulsed heal passive that heals 5% hp every 10s or something.

pure dps familiars put a unique dot on enemy as they attack, or incease AP at the cost of defense aura (which would be visible) and can be set to follow a certain character in your party up to a certain range of the summoner.

dps/support familiars give a small heal burst based off of dmg dealt.

tank/dps adds a dmg mitigation aura in a small area around the familiar as it deals dmg, stacks up to 5 times and dissolves away over a period of time to nothing. 

support/tank heals based off of dmg received to a maximum #.

pure tank has a larger aoe dmg mitigation that is permanent. 




after a player gets one character to max AND through the whole story line, it would also be nice to be able to skip the story line up to a certain point (around lvl 40ish) where you get all the xp, Hongmoon items, and gold from the quests. characters that use this option should have an increased cd on being deleted when they do get deleted, to prevent people from making characters over and over again for the gold. this will help people make characters and get them to high level to play with different characters and not stick to just one class.


----------------------  (1st edit, make this easier to read between these two ideas)


partying with friends gives buffs (50% xp buff, or 10% per party member which stacks). BUT there will be a friendship level system. lvl 1-10, 3+ gives an xp boost (5% but stacks), lvl 8+ friends give the xp buff (10% but stacks). 5+ gives an drop rate (1-5%), max gives a larger drop boost (5-10%) for examples. gold drop rate buff, or items made to sell for gold could drop. (10s, 20s, 50s and such. uncommon drops off of any mob, and higher rarity mobs drop better loot)


could set "checkpoints" that you have to get through. checkpoints would be places where you would normally have to stop in the story line to farm for a weapon or acc piece. and once you get a list of items/amt of gold you can continue with skipping the quest line.




having duplicate classes in the party gives party buff. two bd or bm gives 1% crit dmg, two fm or warlock gives ele dmg, two dest or kfm gives AP buff, two sf or summ gives def or dmg mitigation buff.




make a solo (cant see other party member's dmg) dps meter usable so we can test certain builds. or at least let people opt into letting the party see your dmg

i would also like to talk about an update to the entire crafting system. but me and my friend haven't had any thoughts on this yet. something to make it easier to do, but we aren't quite sure on how to do this yet. maybe have crafting materials drop from dungeons rarely and having the crafting nodes?




i would also like the wardrobe to be set to free access, since the other version of the game its free(last i checked). 




lower end heroic dungeons to have a 4-man version. and to be able to set a level restriction so that you can clear it like you normally would at that stage's content for just having fun.

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