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I hope people don't mouse over this post thinking it's another one of those unrealistic suggestions/ vents. I've been "a gamer" ever since I remember picking up my first controller and have been playing mmorpgs for a little over 10 years. My suggestions come from my overall experience, as well as end results I've personally seen in many games. I hope that not only the mods/gms/devs but the community as a whole look at these suggestions and support me in trying to bring them into the game.

1. x2/x3 aka Double Drop or Triple Drop Event -  MANY games have implemented this event for many reasons. It helps people gear or catch up. It reduces or stabilizes market prices. People who have even quit return for such an event. This one event can solve one of the biggest problems BnS has atm, which is mid/end game mats being too high in price and the insane amount we need to upgrade. Let's be honest, from a gamer's point of view (NOT the view of someone running the company and trying to make as much money as possible), your recent events have literally done nothing. The upgrade event and p2w rng boxes hasn't done anything but increase prices by 50%-70% and create a bigger gap in people trying to gear and the people already geared. I thought the idea behind your recent events were to attempt to fix problems but instead you honestly just delayed it for another day.


2. x2/x3 Zen Beans/Battle Points Event - Almost EVERY mmorpg holds small biweekly/weekend pvp events! Why? Not only to increase interest in pvp but to get more people involved in it. Slowly but surely pvp in BnS is becoming unproductive and frankly it isn't worth anyone's time atm. When was the last time you heard someone going to farm in pvp that wasnt in the first patch? I honestly look at older games that still implement this event and wonder why BnS hasn't even considered or mentioned it? What more is there to say? Do you guys even actual gamers that work for you?


3. An ACTIVE IN-GAME GM!!!! - BnS's lack of gm activity in game shocks me. Just look at some of the topics in faction chat daily. Look at the numerous bots/hackers. Look at the attitude of the community as a whole. I can't believe there isn't a small team of gm's that are active with ban hammers. And I'll be completely honest....there isn't an mmorpg in the world that doesn't have a problem with bots/hacks, it's the reality of playing an mmorpg, but when it looks like a company literally doesn't do anything or implement any kind of buffer/consequences, it's hard to support any decisions they make. Seriously BnS I know people that would gladly take on the duty of  being GM without any salary or pay, just because they want to make the game better. I seriously hope you can get at least one active in game GM with a ban hammer.


4. Kick Option in Dungeons - This really blows my mind. Do I even need to get in depth about this topic? Do I really have to explain why this option is necessary? Hmm...let's ask the 3475798438573672349234 mmorpgs that have it why they implemented it. Even mmorpgs that are dead still have this option. Sorry for the sarcasm but seriously how is this not in the works?


5. BNS Gold Rewards - This is a touchy subject. I'll keep it short. 50% increase in blade and soul gold rewards from quests.


Now I know there are numerous other problems/bugs/glitches but please don't defer from the topic of this post. I made this in the hope of support from the BnS community and by the miracle of a chance someone with power in the game can set some of these suggestions into motion.

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