Blade and Soul Weekly Q&A

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This thread was created to allow players who aren't knowledgable about the game to freely ask questions and get answers.

This is a troll-free environment, so you can ask any question without backlash. Negative attitudes in here will not be tolerated.

Remember to check through the post though to make sure people aren't asking the same question as you already in the thread.

As always, if you have any suggestions or problems with the weekly threads or the subreddit in general, you're always welcome to Message the moderators.

The currently weekly rotation consists of:

Monday - Recruitment

Tuesday - PvP

Wednesday - PvE

Thursday - Modeling

Friday - Weekly Q&A

Saturday - Sanity (◕‿◕✿)

Sunday - Help & Support

Blade and Soul Weekly Q&A

Player some question

Player A:

I'm a LVL 45 HM1 Force Master. I am currently at the Watch Tower part of MoonWater. I am exactly at the area where you can fight the Mini-Field Boss Huren to get a Ring upgrade. These are my stats.

So, I have to ask, I feel rather weak just doing PvE stuff sometimes. I only have 15,502 HP. While any other FM I meet at HM1 seems to have far more health. Is it because of Soul Shields?

I currently have only have the full purple set of Sacrifice Soul Shield from the Tomb of Exile.

So, the questions I have are:

What am I supposed to do about my low HP pool?

What Soul Shield should I be trying to build and max out as I have not yet tried to max out that particular soul shield set?


Player B:

So you have a couple options. First off do yourself a favor and clear the story mode if you're still on it. You're almost done. There are two sets that are decent off the bat, moonwater hero (lvl 45 blue set purchased from moonwater valor stones in hoghead pastures near the wheel) or profane (orchard of souls wheel reward). With that you have a few choices:

1) If you have no confidence and pvp is active on your server find a channel doing misty woods insignia farming. The moonwater arena set is ~40k hp pool, but otherwise useless.

2) Start doing E. Fleet -> Nightshade harbor dailies and grab a quickie starter pieces from there while making money. Due to your stats you probably want to form/join a group instead of solo'ing this. As a side note, bsc pieces are pretty much just a stepping stone. You can get better easily so I wouldn't try to fill the set or anything.

3) Start doing Mushin's tower. You might struggle with floors 5 and 7, but the set is fantastic and can roll a massive amount of crit and hp. Starting on floor 4 each boss can drop one of two pieces (floor 4 = 1,2; floor 5 = 3, 4; ect)


Player C:

About BNS Gold Seller

My friend was banned just now for being an alleged gold seller, but I know the claim is untrue and I'm wondering how your system works for detecting gold sellers? And what channels are available for appealing the ban?

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