BnS: Some Small Tips for New Player

Well if its 1v1 I can't help you much but I do 6v6 a bit so I'll give some info on the classes in 6v6 from what I know in case you were interested.


BM is top end dps and can melt people. They're imo the strongest atm. They have a lot of defensive skills and arguably the highest burst.


Destroyers are great at defending objectives. Destoyers have tons of cc and they have a parry thats hard to work around, and a lot of iframes.


BnS: Some Small Tips for New Player


Sins are the best at taking objectives cause they can reliably do it in stealth so it's sometimes hard to tell they're doing it. They're also really good at defending what they take.


Summoners have a good pin and great AoE dmg. Their stealth lets them escape bad situations, but they're one of the easier classes to counter if you know how so they can get abused. They have heals too.


Idk much about kfm except that I can't hit them well... Their counter can reflect cc back at the enemy and theirs a combo where they can more or less 100 to 0 someone if you blow your escape.


I know nothing about Soul Fighters in 6v6 except they have tons of Iframes and heals.


Lyn blade masters (blade dancers) have a large amount of aerials and a good grab. They have high burst and a parry that can be tough to deal with.


Warlocks have access to sb which is the best buff in the game. It can completely turn a fight. They have a frontal block and good aoe dmg with a snare.


I've found force masters to be good at stallling in 6v6. Most of FMs attacks are projectiles so proj block skills can shut us down. You really need to have HM skills on an FM to do well in 6v6. They get a parry/knockback skill they can use with a 1sec cd and a .5 sec parry. If you want more info on FMs this si the class I main so pm me.


If you ahve any questions about 6v6 let me know. I find it to be a lot of fun, but you will be limited by your equips so it'll be a while til you can do it.

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