BnS Tips for Whirlwind Valley

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Whirlwind Valley is currently in fever in contrast of its gloomy past, thanks NCWest's launching an attractive event.


However, I still see a lot of people who are clueless about what they should do in the battle, so I think I could offer them some tips to improve their chance of winning.




6v6 is gear-dependent, but also strategy required. You may face people who can easily kill you, while you deal laughable damage on them. However, it does not mean that you will lose by default upon meeting stronger team, as long as your teammate are not too weak or afk.




I recommend to have at least 550AP, 115% accuracy - pretty much the same as your minimum PvE stats. However, you need to boost your HP and critical defense up enough to withstand attacks of multi players and survive to counter attack.


Best Soul Shields: 3 Sparring + 5 Challenger. You get them from floor 1-30 for Sparring, and 30+ for Challenger in Infinity Tower.

Easier to get: 3 Sparring + 3 Challenger + 2 Naksun. Find 5 Challenger may be a pain, so you can as well get Naksun instead.

Easiest to get: Full Naksun, or mix some with Naryu Labyrinth for even higher HP. Naksun's Soul shield can be grinded from Floor 9-15. There are also Badge to exchange for Soul Shields dropped from bosses or by exchange with Blackwyrm essences in Misty Wood.


No matter what you choose, you should fuse Critical Defense on all 8 pieces, with Reflex Primers (green is cheaper, but blue has better stats) made by Soul Warden or bought from marketplace. Don't bother building high critical rate, since Critical Defense lower both Critical Chance and Damage of your opponents, making you a tough piece to chew on.




You should queue together with someone of same or higher gear than you. It would be easier to communicate, and you will at least avoid to have all five bad teammates.


The Rules


The battleground has three lanes. Each lane has a Brazier that will generate points.


The upper lane favors the right-side team to reach the Brazier first.

The lower lane favors the left-side.

The middle can be reached by both team at the same time.


BnS Tips for Whirlwind Valley


The more brazier you capture, the faster the point generation becomes. You can also gain points by killing enemy players, who worth 30 points per kill.


As time passes, there will more underground tunnels opening and make direct paths between Braziers, allowing faster approach to re-capture seized braziers, or faster reinforcement sending against capture attempt.


You have unlimited Stamina to run freely. Your healing pots now have 3 minutes cooldown, so use them wisely


The team that reaches 1,800 points first wins.




There are three quests here:

-Join three matches. The reason of a lot of afkers.

-Win one match. People tend to become afkers after getting one win

-Win three matches. This is a weekly quest that will be reset on Wednesday. You have plenty of time to complete it.




-Stick to your buddy if you go in pair. If you're both highly-geared, consider to solo two lanes at once, if the opponent is weak.


-You have a map, and can mark and draw on it by holding ALT. Pay attention on it. If you see your teammates put a flashing point or draw an X, it's either a rally point or an ask for help.


-Take a note on opponents who are easy to get killed, and who can stand and put up a fight. Try to focus-fire on the weak one to take him out, and get free points. You should try to remember those weak individuals and list them, so that you can kill them with ease in another match.


-If you face a situation where you cannot win, like against more than two tough opponents, being ganged on or against a whale who can curb stomp you, run fast with every of your escape skills. Don't be a feeder. Even if you fail to run and get killed, you will make those opponents waste time chasing after you, allowing time for reinforcement to arrive or sneak-capture on Brazier.


-Likewise, don't chase after runaway, or you may lose your Brazier, or face their reinforcement. Try to regroup with your teammate, if there is any nearby.


-In case that you successfully escape and no one try to go after you, try to watch them from afar. If they are trying to run somewhere, immediately launch an attack to re-capture the Brazier, or forcing them to return to deal with you, thus wasting their time. Run away again if you cannot handle them. Keep doing it back and forth to harass them.


-Be careful of Sins. These guys can sneak around and steal your Brazier, so you should be on guard constantly upon seeing Sin class in another team. Summoner can do so too, if you hit into their counter and makes them invisible during a battle. Their stealth lasts long enough to capture a Brazier.


-If you're a Sin, you should try to attempt stealing Braziers when no one notices it, or during the heat of battle.


-To protect their Brazier, people will attack anyone who attempt to capture it during a fight. You can use this mindset to distract them when they are comboing your teammates.


-If you are strong enough to solo 2-3 people at once, take your time defending a Brazier, so that your teammates can focus their fight elsewhere.


-This is a team fight, so help your fellow as much as possible. FM's Sheath, Summoner's Heal, BD/Des' Grab... whatever you can offer to protect your party and kill your enemies.


-If you cannot get all three Braziers because the opponent focuses their force against you and both of you are suffering losses and feeding points to each other, consider retreat and defend the two you have, which are often the top and bottom ones.

+If they turn full force on one of your Brazier, then theirs would be weak to capture

+If they divide trying to capture both of yours, you can sneak-steal theirs during their absence.

+There may be some defendesr though. If you cannot kill them, run away to avoid feeding

+Even if you fail the sneak-capture, they will pretty much become alert and send people to defend their brazier, thus lowering their offensive capability.


-As long as you have two Braziers and not meaninglessly feed them kills, you will eventually win the battle.

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