Do not lock an incentive like the outfit behind the current system Zaiwei Ruins has

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So after about 4 weeks of farming the ruins almost everyday for hours i'm about to need to see a psychologist. it's nerve-wrecking and absolutely mind-boggling. why i farm this zone? for the outfit. i killed tarakhan about a 100+ times (stopped counting somewhere around that number) and have seen a lot of crap happening there which needs to be something done about it.


The biggest problem is the ungodly bad system of the events which encourages leeching. people who want to see loot from tarakhan or want to kill the occasional visasa should be forced to actively participate in the corresponding events leading to the spawn of tarakhan.


Do not lock an incentive like the outfit behind the current system Zaiwei Ruins has


This could be done by measuring activity per event and then giving out a buff which you need to be eligible for loot. so for example actively helping ogong from start to finish, killing the mini-bosses on the way and obviously killing pyrefist at the end. if one did kill like 4/5 mini bosses and pyrefist, you'll get an event-completion buff. same for house of pleasures event.

have the two buffs? one is then able to even see tarakhan spawn and loot. and do visasa. have only one cause you were too late on one event? well the spawn time of the events is really low, wait until the needed event happens, get your buff. done. the buffs wont disappear until you killed tharakan (and visasa if he happens). so you still can have some Real Life if the situation arises. come back later with your two buffs and THEN, only then you are eligible to stand around and wait for tarakhan to spawn. you did your job, pat yourself on the shoulder.


Do minor tweaks like sharing the xp from f.e. the ogong mini-bosses to all people who helped killing it. atm people try to tag them asap, sometimes they just stand around after tagging, leeching the xp. or sometimes people go leech-mode just because they couldn't tag it, having no incentive to help at something they get nothing for. the mini-bosses have around 4000k HP, it's kinda ridiculous these need to be essentially raided while only one gets something like xp. people have this mind-set of "grey mob, tagged mob, not my problem". keep the mob red for everyone who does help or wants to help killing it.


Make an achievement for killing 300 mini-bosses.


Do reduce the frequency of shield-mob spawns on the skorpion-event and lower their damage on han muki. the fewer people participate, the more impossible it gets. because there will be a point you cannot switch fire- and frostguns fast enough to kill them AND also kill the remaining adds with a very low amount of people. it's technically not possible. picking up gun, run to the mob, drop its shield, drop gun, kill mob, pick up gun again or get a new one if it despawned, run to the next on, kill fiends if possible, drop gun, kill big mobs, pick up gun, see shield-mob with different shield spawn, drop gun, pick up other gun, run rinse and repeat until han muki is dead. /badumtiss... well then


Do dramatically increase xp rewards from daily quests.


Do not lock an incentive like the outfit behind the current system Zaiwei Ruins has. as far as i can recall there is literally no other 24 man zone where your effort gets nullified if people do not participate at all AND directly rewards them with a chance for an outfit. for doing nothing . frostscale basin can be soloed if needed with good gear or you can spin to win with essences bought from AH. plog doesn't drop an outfit. neither does grand harvest or beast-bog. well it does have this yellow infernal-ish outfit, but since grand harvest is locked behind 3 events per day, it's essentially not farmable all day long. zaiwei ruins is not bound to this. also enchanting temptress and seductress in NSH "can" technically be farmed all day long, the widows are not locked behind an event based system. you kill them, wait until respawn, kill them again. they spawn over and over again. i said technically, not that it's easy. inb4 not easy to be soloed comments. SSP is also a 24-man zone. but yeah. it's SSP. get out.


Maybe make the bosses drop badges like in mushin tower? make the outfit buyable for example 400 badges or so. each boss kill gives one or two badges or so. it gives at least an incentive to make people come back to this zone more because the other current loots are meh at least. it also fits the mentality of this game. grind the hell out of it. like everything else, but here you have a goal to work for. like the white moon outfit from mushin tower.


Or if all this makes no sense and is utter garbage, please NCSoft check my account if it's cursed with some evil code, because since i started playing this game i've never experienced a more hateful RNG towards me for everything i want in a game. never! i even tried every tinfoil-hat tactic i could come up with for the tarakhan box like opening them in some random dungeon, or directly after maintenance. name it, i tried it. i even collected 21 boxes and opened them at once. nothing (i shadowplayed it, i can literally show how unlucky i am). or should i collect 42? ;) why do i always have to kill something for so many weeks to finally get it. i hate my RNG, fix it nao! :p


I have essentially no problem with the RNG system itself. but zaiwei ruins is the only place for me where i CAN NOT "generate" new "Random Numbers". for everything else it's a matter of blade and soul gold (f.e. buying essences for wheels or fabrics for outfit transmuting), RL-currency (buying RNG boxes as much as i can) or time (spam a dungeon until i fall asleep), i can repeat them as much as i want and whenever i want. but not Zaiwei Ruins.


In general i really like Zaiwei Ruins the most from all 24-man zones, finally something with small events which are fun and low wait times. but the dependency for other people is flawed with a very unfair system. even if i had the outfit, i would come back and do it every day for some rounds. if it's not like it is currently. in the current state if i ever get the outfit i never NEVER come back to this zone again except for daily challenge.


Sorry for wall of text, bad spelling, grammar and whatever else you can find. it's 3:30 AM here and i'm tired. also please make sure your sarcasm and humor-detector is enabled.


Make them get an AFK debuff (not based on literally moving, but based on position and activity). debuff can do the following: get no loot. get zoned out. or be killable by other players. yeah... let me kill leechers. please!


One easy solution then. remove faded scales, add ivory dragon scale to tarakhan. make it not trade-able. add extra reward (anything from the loot-table, including stinger-procs, outfit, recipes) for the scale user, which only the scale user can loot after jinsoyun is dead. should dramatically improve the heavens mandate situation.

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