How many class can AoE in BnS

We aren't the only class that can AoE, I hear Warlocks are pretty good at that too.


The first 3 you listed are basically one skill on a cooldown that can feel like an eternity in pve content. The first 2 has variants on other classes so it's not like we're that unique.


Soul Fighter has it too, and they aren't that terrible when played well, so again we're not unique. Sure it's nice to have the extra healing but if you rely on having that, you should probably look at how you're playing your class...


How many class can AoE in BnS


If you actually have to use the rez, it'd be faster to reset the fight and start over, I can count the number of times I've actually had to use this outside of soloing stuff. And it's got a long cooldown.


Sure, it's nice to be able to move and attack while using Petals, FMs have it too, they just have to stay near enough to the bubble which is good enough most of the time(and it lasts longer).


CCs which require that cat of ours to not be CC'd or dead in pvp and in pve, some bosses glitch out if we pin them which is bad and using the knock up is also bad. Sometimes our CCs don't even register on bosses during mechanics that could wipe the group, so it's easier to let a more reliable CC class do them...


Why take a Summoner when you could take a FM and Sin for higher Dps? I guess we Summoners will just have to hire a Warlock to Soulburn every fight to maximize our damage... which FMs do even better with now...


I get why people cry about Summoners, I've dueled some and found it annoying, but it's not like I can't kill other classes or that Summoners can't be killed, I get wrecked by melee who know what they're doing.


Instead of nerfing classes into the ground, how about bringing the other classes up to par? I know, that's some crazy talk right there, but remember that class... I think it's called Destroyer, apparently they exist in this game and could use some love.

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