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As many others have stated, I think the biggest things that need to be addressed are HACKERS and bots but you've heard that enough already.


Something that I've found to be extremely frustrating are these open world pvp events, and for a server like Yunwa, where crimson vastly outnumber cerulean....SS plains and the opportunity it gives to farm for much needed blade and soul gold (upgrades are SO expensive but that's another thread), are monopolized by the bigger faction. We have lost multiple guilds that have left cerulean to go on the crimson side, and we have made many valiant efforts to organize the few active cerulean guilds we have to put up a fight in SS plains, but we are ALWAYS ALWAYS zerged out quickly. It is discouraging, and because it is world pvp, most of the crim on Yunwa are heavily geared and take out our resistance with ease.

Why not make SS plains an instance, that is cross-server, and with that, have a controlled equal number of players from each faction throughout the event. At least this would give the outnumbered factions a chance at playing such an integral part of the game...I play this game daily, but have yet to see my faction win SS plains ONCE- we are outnumbered, discouraged, and now also handicapped due to all the money that crimson have been making from holding a monopoly over SS plains. They have more numbers, more money now and thus, better gear. How are we supposed to catch up or put up any kind of meaningful fight against that?


A system for clans that have made official alliances and then to be able to communicate with each other in their own channel (not faction chat, that channel is always a mess) would help immensely.


I've personally only seen speed hackers on my server, and they were only doing the soldier picking/meteor quests. However, I know for fact (from those who have switched over to dominating faction) that the dominating faction are still very successfully mining and making from 10-100g/hour of farming SSplains. The hackers are more likely an annoyance than game breaker....


I've already said that hackers and bots need priority attention, but this post was meant to focus on faction imbalance and the subsequent consequences and/or possible solutions.


I don't ever expect a server to have balanced factions, however, SS plains is poorly implemented for servers that do have a high faction imbalance ratio--- players SHOULD NOT need to play both sides to be able to play ALL portions of a game that should be available to both factions.


SS plains can still be OW, but like Franny said earlier, why not implement a system where an equal number of both factions can only be in one channel at a time? The way things are now, the outnumbered faction can't ever TOUCH SS plains. It's really frustrating and discouraging.


It's great you guys are on the dominating faction....my clan and I are not. We are a solid group of players and we actually do try to put up a fight in SS plains, but like I said, it's always a numbers game and we ALWAYS get zerged out--- even with organization with other ceru guilds. It's not getting better. We don't want to switch to crimson, and though it would financially make sense to, like many other ceru guilds already have, there would be no OW pvp if all the active players decided to go crim bc of this financial imbalance!!

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