I’m very disappointed of BnS

I can honestly say that I’m very disappointed of what the game has become. It has so many issues that I honestly don’t know where to start. First of all, I would like to talk a bit about the beginner players. What are their first impression when they start the game? They’re most likely thinking that they’re going to have fun playing the game, explore the ingame world, fight monsters, discovering their classes' skills, generally having a good time.


 Now, when they arrive at Foshi Pyres, there’s a big chance that they begin to receive Whispers from Bots, possibly several, promising them Gold in exchange for their account information, and there’s a big chance that the players might be a little naive and/or don’t know things work in here yet, believe the Bots and give them the information, thinking that the Bots are actual players that have got many Gold and like to help beginners. And what actually happens? Their accounts get hacked and they’re pretty much screwed. Now, I know that it’s kind of the players’ fault for falling into the trap, but don’t tell me that you weren’t naive at some point in your lives, especially when you start something new. When you’re at that point in everything, you’re much more inclined to believe everything. This is the reason why children are naive. And let’s not forget that these Bots are claiming themselves to be GMs so that the beginners are more easily fooled. Just take a look at these screenshots.

The beginners encounter something like this.


I’m very disappointed of BnS


And now take a look at these. 


I’m very disappointed of BnS

I’m very disappointed of BnS


You can see how many Blocks and Spammers have been added on the lists from beginning up to level 8 for this player here. And now let's say that the players aren't that naive and continue leveling up. They slowly become experienced players, and what do experienced players need? Gold for their Weapons and Jewels. Now the problem here is that it's next-to-impossible to farm for Gold because the Dailies that give the needed Money on that level are either too hard to do because the player is too weak due to the lack of good gear, or they simply cannot do them because too few players are doing them (E. Fleet Supply Chain). In other words, the players don't even have a starting point.


The following problem affects almost everybody. The RNG in this game is simply put, embarrassing. My brother was once leveling with his Summoner and he gathered about 70-80 Stalker Jiangshi Essences in total (trying his luck occasionally of course) until he got the weapon he needed. According to him, the Wheel of Fate gave him the number 7 about 35 times in a row. And then he got the number 4 about 20 times in a row. Now, I may be wrong, but doesn't RNG stand for ''Random Number Generator''? How is it possible for my brother to ''randomly'' get the numbers 7 and 4 in a good number of rows? And he still hasn't got his weapon after all of this.


Now I would like to talk a bit about PvP. What skills are needed to be a good PvP player in Blade and Soul? Stun, stun stun, and stun. Did I mentioned stun? And freezing. Those are the great skills required in a nutshell. Many players simply can't move, let alone dodge, but the developers still claim that the PvP is balanced. I see nothing fun in all this. I simply have got no chance to do literally anything 75% of the times. It's also interesting when I stun other players, they simply jump out of it like they're jumping out of a small puddle. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem against PvP in itself. I personally don't like PvP but I also generally don't give a damn about it. The only reason I'm doing PvP is that the Daily Challenge practically obligates me to do it (at this point, I've already done 3). Yes, I am aware that I can do the other remaining Challenge, since there are 5 in total, but those Challenges are usually too difficult for my character and I can't exactly develop it right now, but I'll worry about that myself. I just don't understand why are players forced to do PvP even when they don't like it...


Last, but not least, the bugs in this game. There have been so many bugs in this game lately, that I'm starting to think that NCSoft is going to beat Ubisoft in this aspect. For example, many times, on the Friends List, I'm shown as Online to my brother, and vice-versa, even if we're not actually on with any character. Also, I was doing some Dailies with my brother (he was with his main character, a Force Master) to farm some Gold, and he told me at a point that his attacks don't always do critical damage, and I told him that my hits do critical damage quite often. We stopped and we checked our respective characters' Critical Rate. His was 53.59%, mine was 43.10%. Now, I have to admit, I'm really not good at Mathematics, but if I'm not wrong, my brother should do critical hits at 1/2 times, yet sometimes he attacks about 8-9 times in a row and still now critical hits. Me on the other hand (and Assassin), I usually do critical hits at 2/3 times. It's like our Critical Rates have been changed. In case I'm wrong here, I would really appreciate it if somebody would explain to me how the Crit Rate actually works. We two have noticed quite the number of bugs lately, I'm sure you guys might have noticed as well. I really don't want to quit this game, it's an awesome game at its core, but frankly I'm getting frustrated because of all this...

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