I Still Love the Blade And Soul

I understand a lot of what  OP is saying, although I still love the game, but my clan is no longer active. It does get a little lonely in that case; but there's always cross server, people hanging around at Mushin's Tower. And now MSP area is a Hot Place right now, before people get tired of that too. Does anybody still even do Bay Lee?? That one never appealed to me, but I never hear a peep about it anymore.


It's just the nature of most MMOs I think, even though I still play the game I had to take a break for a while about right after I upgraded my weapon cause I was so burnt out.  People get busy with other things and lose interest.  I feel like, most of the time it really doesn't necessarily have much to do with what is wrong with the game.


I Still Love the Blade And Soul


I don't really mind too much that the low tier dungeons get rushed by 50s. I mean if I'm leveling an alt, I'm in there to get my daily done, and my weapon box. Hell, even if I get flame walled, well then I still get credit for the quest so it's kinda neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned.  But maybe that's the problem; too much emphasis is placed on getting the next upgrade, and the environment/experience of the dungeons and content comes somewhat second. I can understand why this might be frustrating for complete newbies who are trying to learn things and take it slower.  All you can really do is keep pugging and get a group that doesn't do that. Sometimes I still leave and find another group if I don't feel like trying to rush through and jump over everything.


People always mad in PVP x) People take PVP in any game way too seriously, and that's why I avoided it for a long time. However I've started doing a little of it for my own benefit.


I'd say they have made things much easier as far as upgrading things, since when BnS first came out but there is still more they can do. When the gunner comes out, everyone will be filing back and that will be a huge thing.  Silverfrost stones will drop in f5, and that won't even be a Big Deal anymore. Rinse and repeat. I still have fun with this game and I still like it, and I mean it really isn't that serious. 


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