It's not impossible to have a legendary without paying money into BNS

Look at your own reasons why you can't have nice things instead of blaming "p2w" on other players who do have them. Don't be so quick to satisfy your negative ego by thinking NOBODY could have anything better than you without spending real money.


Just to throw this out there, many of you people insult players who choose to spend more money than necessary in this game. You wouldn't have this game to play if nobody was spending money to begin with. Think about that for a bit. As much as it makes you mad someone else in a game has better items than you, you have them to thank for keeping the game active so you CAN play for free.


It's not impossible to have a legendary without paying money into this game. It's been like almost 2 months now since legendaries have been available. Anyone could have farmed 50 Petals of Lament now. With all of the dailies that reward Frozen Stingers, and the bns gold rewards, as well as SSP farming, it's very possible for someone to afford making Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stones once a day until they get 3 to make a legendary, and then 1 more for each stage up to 3 without having to pay the ridiculous amount people are asking for on the market.


Many factors come into play when it comes to how people obtain their gear. Once you know how to make money efficiently, anyone who is a free player can reasonably have all of their accessories maxed and a legendary by now. Instead, lazy people who expect things to be spoon-fed to them want to instantly assume that anyone with better gear than them either A) paid "thousands of dollars" to have what they have, or B) must have no life, no job, not going to school, and plays this game all day from waking up until they pass out.

Spoiler alert: want to learn how to make anywhere from 100g to 200g a day in a span of let's say 3 hours? Play on a server that has a major faction imbalance, play on the faction that has the majorities, get yourself to First Lieutenant/Subjugator, only do SSP at a time when most people are inactive (maybe 10-12 people in a single match), and you can easily earn at a minimum 500 prestige up to 1000 prestige per match. In a half hour, roughly the time of one match of SSP, at a bare minimum you can earn 50 soulstones and get at worst 1 moonstone. At best, you can earn 1000 prestige and get a double proc of +300 soulstones from both bags and counting the normal soulstones from the bag you'd have over 720 soulstones at best, and possibly get 13 Soulstone Plains Keys and get luckier for 2 or 3 procs of +5 moonstones from boxes, and have a grand total of 28 moonstones (possibly). All of that in a single match (yes, it's RNG but it can happen) would be worth roughly 266 blade and soul gold. Are you expecting this in a single match? No, but over the course of 5 or 6 SSP matches, you can overall make much more than this. It also takes a bit of logical intelligence, as well as decent gear to successfully do SSP to get these results, but I can tell you from experience it's very possible. Believe it or not, there's a bit of intelligence and common sense that come into play, especially when fighting terrors, and dealing with gunners who people usually ignore which end up keeping your NPCs in combat which prevents their HP from resetting.


Just so you know, without paying money into this game I had a True Pirate weapon and Awakened Siren accessories when the Silverfrost patch came out. I started playing this game in the beginning of February, so I was still behind people who started since launch. Whenever I see people who act like they've been playing since launch and by now barely have 500ish AP and crying about people who "pay2win" I gotta ask what they expect out of the game if they only have 2 hours or less to play. That's not my fault, maybe not their fault, but just how their life is. They should stop whining and accept that some people are far more resourceful, or just lucky, and need to stop blaming "omg pay2win" or "omg blade & soul gold buyer" before they embarrass themself and look like a total a-hole to the people they play around. To me, these are the same players who expect everything to just be given to them, and complain they don't have maxed gear after a couple weeks. Earn your stuff, and if you can't because of time constraints, then that's just too bad.

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