Multi blade and soul Issues in one threat

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[1].NC keeps discouraging multi character players n account.


1)Daily restrictions such as auction house sales are bound to account not charachter.You cant mail items/blade and soul gold to the other charachter on different server group.(Whats the reason for this? When all servers Na and Eu share same Auction House,same prices. So we cant exploit by buying cheaper goods on other serv then mailing them back/selling for higherprice)


Multi blade and soul Issues in one threat


2)This whole new event thing.. There is restriction on account(not Character) for claiming those hongmoon things that are required for opening bags...

-Considering these Two currently main problems about [1]. Problem i often ask myself a question why have i purchaged 5 character slots? i'v payed to be in disadvantage when i could have just made different account.


[2]. New Characters/Players/ are in huge disadvantage coz its p2w or just be old payer to win.


1)In order to earn bns gold/Gear u need to farm ssp and mindlessly grind whole day.Wich is impossible coz u need gear to actualy deal enough dmg to get drop or PP from the Mob/Or finish daily.Coz there are 25 Baleful guys burning n shredding them in a matter of secconds.And 2nd way to get gear is doing dungeons /4man dungeons -For which ofc u need gear...3rd way to get gear would be Doing dailys for 12 hours a day for 2-3 months (GL with that)/Or just have RNG gods on ur side.

You also need gear for Battleground which is PvP(Say what? atleast give us PvP gear that can only be obtained through PvP if its not gona be Equilised), So now in order to get any fun i need GEAR -to get gear i need to brainwash myself n get cancer doing same boring stuff over n over for 2-3 months or just P2w (Exept old players that were there on relese of new patch and got gear coz it was ez to deal enough dmg).Or should i just play arenas whole day and get none reward out of it whatsoever. not blade & soul gold / or gear unlike last patch where fastest way to get blade and soul gold was playing arenas ,and it was fun.



Eather bns goldfarming companys are paying fee to the Nc to keep their work going.Or Nc doesnt care coz their money milking isnt being affected by it. However Players ARE! being affected by it,And greatly. They dictate prices on AH.We cant earn from our proffesions at all(this triggers problem [1]. coz whats the point of multi char?)coz there are thousands (litteraly) of bots making orders from every proffesion guild and minimizing earn,Selling those items will get u like 20 -50 silver up to 1 -2 blade & soul golds wich is funny considering that u were w8ing for it 24hours.Theyr joining Factions and making one in serious disadvantage.Whole patch is focused around BNS Gold/Gear to have fun and those are focused around Daily restrictions on account (Triggering problem [1]. and [2].) and daily rng or just general mindless grinding(with gear ofc) From wich only BOTS prospect.AND a lot!!! They havent had this much sweetness ,not even close , In last patch.


[4].Game is no Fun


1) And how can it have?This Game offer only fun in PvP which i addore ,PvE is for pricks n noobs it requires no skills whatsoever(i dont rly care for this coz im here for PvP but some players actually do,Il leave rants about that to them).PvP is fun but only arenas are equilized .And there are only 1 v 1 and Tag arenas.And those too require HM skills unlocked Wich require BNS Gold/gear to get it(can be obtained by Beans But way way way too expensive..).Now we have Battlegrounds but those require PvE gear(p2w/3months of brainwashing).

2) Getting geared up is so dumb,When i finish my dailys (THey require over 6-8hrs of doing same boring skilless brainless stuff to get done)i feel like my IQ has droped significantly,this is why i call it brainwashing.

-Games Are there for fun,to make modern man relax after coming from job/classes and make hem forget about problems for a time being .However this game is there only to brainwash u more Bore u to death.or give u cancer from frustrations.(The reason im here ranting or asking for some attention on these problems is coz i love pvp system n combat system.Its unique)


[5].Its Range Superiority over Melee (And some disbalances)

Il finish with this problem since im sleepy and cant remember anything else that is rly important.


1) Ok so all these new dungeons Require Melee to do the "Stuff" while range can just sitback n spam their rotations.There are bosses flying and moving around the map like crazy and we melees need to catch them ,our procs are expireing by the time we come to them.WE have to deal with circles n iFrames while they have no such problems .On top of all that they deal far more Dps in free dps state then we do.I knowe this coz i play multy classes.

2) i dont have time to get arguments on paper however il just mention That Warlock needs to get nerfed in PvP.its op Af, It came to us in nerfed state just to be even more buffed and op,then it was on korea,in later patch.


Thats it from me for now.Id like you guys to mention if i forgot smthing,and update list of Urgent problems,However please keep it clean,constructive and give arguments over salt. For me prob [4].Is worst and it triggers all 3 mentioned above itself.


Its not my motherlanguage and iv never had it in class so i learned it through movies and games.I think it should be understandable and i took time writing it so i dont think it should be made fun of.especualy in 21st centuary .And yes i forgot to mention so much arguments n describe (some)better. For example i didnt made fun of PvE ppl i said real PvE player should write about problems in that section,this guy understood me well


2nd i didnt made fun of Rdps.u have a job in only few dungeons such as nexus .Ofc u always have jobs but other then few endgame 4man content its not even worth mentioning .As fm u have problem dealing with agro which is triggered by u doing way more dps then melees and having free dps full time- Ofc u have 1 eyeframe on sspterors/boss while melees have bunch of them..And try iframing all of those with huge fps drops tht are ncs fault of poor servers or coding ( Ctrl + f doesnt reduce fps i have 30 to 4 fps drop with or without ctrl+f  ,i have same fps n drop on max and lowest graphic possible??Explain that pls)


3rdI was tired when i was making topic as i am now.And didnt want to go in depth about warlocks. 1st reason i mentioned that is coz pro lbd has 0% of wining vs skilled Wl,i dont knowe for sure about other classes though but iv seen enough of high tags ,and by far it destroyed every class with hes insane dps,mobility,cc,survival. BUt main reason i mentioned wls being op is WORLD pvp .In arenas we have equilised gear and SKILLS ,in world we dont have eq skills.FOr example summoners cat has up to  90 k Hp.It doesnt die when summoner does .If its a close fight and u win hel just finish u off with cat and ressurect hemself.+ U cant interupt cat while its ressurecting (i mean wtf) this is a huge problem in battlegounds when im dealing with multiple enemys and im deffending alone. I kill summoner ,instantly next two enemys appear by the time i wipe them summoner is alive and kicking ..about wl in World. It has slightly buffed dmg then in arenas,wich isnt problem untill Evades Dodges come into play...My only way of defeating them is perfectly comboing with my stuns that have 20-30 sec cd ,And if my stun is dodged ,well im *cricket*ed. i think it should be enough arguments about wl for now.


I made this nick back when the game was relesed and they showed same greed as ESO did on relese.Becaouse of this i left this game 3 months ago hoping that it will fix coz i rly like Combat system n general pvp.(im pve loveraswell but only in games that are worth calling pve games.such as old WoW).Yes they fixed lots of problems like huge ping in arenas n normal in open world.However there are huge problems in nowdays game ,i stated some of them .Idk whats entertaining about those to you.As someone who cares for this game i cant stand them.As customers n players we should give our feedback in order to get better polished game wich can actualy provide fun.Current game is all about brainwashing urself doing dailys for 8 hours a day and if u have alts u can cap just 1 more and there goes the 16 hours of BnS. I probably wouldnt made this post and wouldnt care if i could have just played equilized Battleground coz as i stated im here for pvp.On pve i dont even knowe where to start ranting or qqing.Now all those problems are struck uppon me coz i actualy need to gearup in this patch.In last i was diamond with inferno wep 0 gems and didnt care,But i ranted on Lags n spikes in arena coz it was struck uppon my sphere of gaming as it is now.


I have a Fm and i knowe what im talking about.Those mechanics arent even worth mentioning ,Idk about this new generation of gamers and what do u call hard..but having 4 button rotation and slaming keyboard while doing some simple mechanics is a joke,Im not saying Mdps job is any harder.Im saying its anoying boring and frustrating ,Try playing mdps and ul see what im talking about.Iframing 10 chained spells with 5-10 fps(as i mentioned above -Not pc`s fault)or chasing boss around the room like some kind of hippy idiot chasing butterflys with a proc(Net) trying to land it. Without gear in ssp u can take iframe dmg with rdps every 20 sec and keep dpsing .Sure but mdps have 10 more meantime and taking just 1extra causes wipe and PP reset. As i said above never ment to insult any1 ,I said current pve is beyond ez ,Bots are doing it nuff said,What we used to call PvE is having 20 skills that dont rly have rotation Having DPS meter as a badge/proof/card to get into raids n get shit done ,focusing on the bar with 20spells making fast decisions so u can pull max dps And dealing with real mechanics meanwhile.And in this game gear doesnt win skills n efforts do ,As a matter of fact gear ment nothing while here its everything.

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