My thoughts about BnS class balance

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You don't know bad match making until you have to fight the same broken ass BM...6 f*cking times! And you only win once because, BM. 


Now we get to the way people play: They don't. They literally run away the entire f*cking match doing their stupid hit and run even though they're playing a class that can literally stand on top of you and wreck your face. It's just so stupid. The only purpose behind that is to get me pissed off. If a FM uses veil, prepare for your opponent to run away. Like 100 out of 100 times, you opponent will run away upon seeing you cast Divine Veil. Ya, you can just go ahead and wait them out, but since FM will loose the battle because of healing, it's just not worth it.


My thoughts about BnS class balance


The worst part is that FMs don't even heal that much anyway. And anyone who says otherwise has clearly not faced a Scummoner yet. 


And then we get to the server stability...I got DCed in a match I was either going to win, winning, or about to win, 6 f*cking times. Literally I was one hit away from ending a match as the victor, and my opponent was stunned. I got DCed, and it counted as a "loss". ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?! How is it that I deal more damage, win the first round, wreck my opponent in the second round, and it counts as a loss because I got DCed before I could finish it? Seriously, do you have any idea how stupid that is? 


And now on to my thoughts about class balance. Revert the nerf done to FM's healing. It's a joke how a class that was struggling prior to the nerf, ends up getting nerfed. Why is it that even happens? Not to forget to mention BMs, who got a huge buff, was already approaching top tier. If anything, that patch just solidified the imbalance in the game!


Even worse? Destroyers are practically invincible now. I know it's not 100% true, but the shield they got from their HM skill is just so broken. Like, you had a hard time trying to stun these guys and BDs in the first place, but now it's just not even possible. I would complain some more about how broken they are but there's a much more important issue at hand: BMs.


BMs are now top DPS in every department: PVE, Arena, and OW. It's not even comparable anymore. If you want to balance out the BM, nerf their damage. They end matches too quickly. It's just not even fair. A BM (if given the opportunity), will 100-0 you in only 5 seconds, by pressing 1 button. With KFMs, you can at least respect them if they beat you because they're almost as hard as FMs. But I can't respect a BM's "skills" because all they do is force tab and spam dragon tongue. 


I mean this sort of system we have now is enough to drop a high tier FM down to rank 1600s and it's not even his/her fault. Just remove the point penalty for DCing and apply it to guys who deliberately delay the match by running away. Heck make running away considered to be a foul and deduct them of points. IDC, That style of fighting is what makes arena boring and stupid. 

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