NCSoft please no DPS meters

I find AP requirement not suitable for those who take up the role of "Tank"simply because,all what a tank needs is good defensive stats (Eva,hp,defense etc) and threat stat that can be found on some accessories and can be enhanced by certain skills..Having stacked enough threat stat and knowing which skill to use to keep threat up should make up for the lower damage they might have.

Hence,judging that they won't be efficient because,their DPS is low on damage meter won't be fair either because,their role is to tank not to DPS and if they can keep aggro 95% of time at least and not die easily then they have done their job pretty well. Also if you tell me they will have to get higher AP through upgrades for more tanky stats along with AP,I will tell you no and you don't need to upgrade AP for more DPS stats either..Some accessories focus tanky stats more than other accessories and weapon (example:ring and belt) and some focus other DPS stats like Crit damage and Crit acc than AP..Oh and did I mention soulshields?Do Naryu soulshield and tanking ring a bell for you back then in 45 patch?Does the BSH,mushin,Naryu max crit soulshield mix ring a bell for you from 45 patch?


What use is AP if you have only 25%-35% crit chance because,your soulshield is bad? 


On the other hand,Judging DPS roles from DPS meter wouldn't be  fair either..You can't do good damage when you have aggro of some bosses because simply you tend to get abit more defensive and not go full offensive as long as you have the aggro hence decreasing your damage output so if you wanna judge their DPS,you gotta provide the suitable conditions to get accurate measures.


Some DPS classes just do DPS and thats it..Some contribute with DPS,CC,supportive skills (Example:warlock soulburn and AP or focus buff,FM divine veil and frost sheath etc) yet their overall usefulness is just measured by DPS?You find that fair?Ok GL killing harder bosses without CC,support skills nor tanks at all and with just bare DPS ..


To make it clear,DPS isn't the only measure of player efficiency,

AP isn't the only measure of efficient DPS (I can have meh AP but have great crit rate and crit damage etc).



Normal DPS meter isn't enough so even DPS meter shouldn't be as basic as the idea most people get when I say DPS meter:


-DPS meter should show you number of normal,crits,missed attacks and not just damage dealt and your offensive stats compared to others.


-They should add a tank meter along with it where it would show damage received,amount of evaded,blocked attacks,amount of self heals,average threat generated per sec.


-They should also add a support meter as well:this one would be harder to apply but we can start off with amount of heals done to others then later it can include amount of stuns,dazes,knock downs and other forms of CCs done to enemies and in its final stages,it can include number of successful casts of support skills like successful frost sheath or soul burn.


-Final meter that can be added would be a total contribution meter:It would calculate total contribution of each party member based on the previous 3 meters.I understand this last meter is abit off limits and hard to be made but I am talking about a semi perfect model if you wanna measure efficiency of each party member fair and square.


This should show how every member truly contributed to the fight in %s and calculations so there would be no dispute.


Now elitists will have to look at the final meter (total contribution meter) if they wanna really measure the efficiency of other party members and they will eventually shut up.


I also saw someone somehow shunning frost FM on this post earlier *points at InvisibleOne*


I'd like to say that as far as I noticed,what fire has over frost FMs is higher burst (higher damage in short term in other words) but on long term,they both deal almost same damage because,frost is good at having sustained damage and is faster.Its like attack speed vs damage per hit.Higher damage per hit means it will do a higher burst at first but on long run higher attack speed will catch up and they will end up being almost on same level.


Its harder to do damage with frost than fire but not that frost fails hard at damage compared to fire..That's wrong!


If you don't understand frost build rotation well enough to do damage with it then please,don't come out with personal hypothesis about the build because,you failed to master it.


Example:when I did 5f mushin for first time,I did it with frost..I tried later with fire back then,I couldn't get it but could get it with frost again..I didn't assume fire fails at damage but I understood I am not as good at fire as I am with frost..In short,its a matter of tastes and everyone dig their own way to success.


Knowing when to use: (ice rain combo,Impact stage 4,some fire skills like meteor,inferno,gather fire orbs with LMB,frost fury and frost bomb) is key for frost  build.

While key to DPS with fire lies in animation cancel in combo LMB,RMB,2 or 1 (if you need burn) and spamming X,C,V whenever they are out of CD and its even easier to do dual dragon with fire since you are spamming LMB and RMB all time anyway..Sounds easier to use than frost,right?Do you get my point?


I will add that I find frost more reliable in many ways.


1-It has more options like mobility vs damage.

2-it is more reliable,it can outlast tanks on many occasions because of the insane life steal from frost fury so you are less likely to die early..Yea dead=0 damage,you do remember that right?

3-It is more likely to offer more support to party than fire.(example:frost sheath,divine veil>>>Divine veil+frost sheath=any party member getting healed when attacked as long as they are in frost sheath).

4-Frost FMs don't fight over ember stacks.


Good frost FMs will use certain fire skills (fire C,meteor,meteors,stage 1 tier 3 blazing palm for faster fire orbs) to get full efficiency.


Good fire FMs will use certain frost skills (RMB is the best example,divine veil,frost sheath,frost armor,frost tornado,frost Z) to get full efficiency.


And if you still don't get my point then I will give you one last example:

Most people probably call BM most weak class in pvp as far as I noticed..Well,I will tell you,I found BMs in arena tag who were more bossy than KFMs and destroyers,they could simply beat every class they faced (even summoners and assassins and KFMs),the 3 people vs us by themselves even when me and the third person could barely handle 1 of the team vs us..


Only someone who truly masters something will truly understand how to criticize it.

That means those many people who call BM weak is because,BM is harder than almost all other classes to master specially in PVP bit not necessarily the worst and that's by confession of some and not just my words.

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