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This is my first MMO after a long break since years ago, been anticipating this game since 2009 and finally got to play recently due to commitments.


Been playing for the past week and got up to 47 now and wanted to share some personal experiences.


1 ) In certain maps there are actually more bots than legit players. Good thing is that they only occupy a certain channel and the other is usually clear to do my own farming.


2) As a new player, I struggled to upgrade my equipments and do my quests because some of those requires me to kill world bosses/dungeons a lot of times but there are very little people doing the same things as me.


3) Upgrade items like moonwater stones and soul stones are so expensive for a new player.


4) There are so many things in BnS that can be done, following the storyline(so k-dramatic), side quests, faction quests, arena pvp, mushin's tower, seriously...


5) Alot of things can only be done effeciently at maxed level, As a FM, I die countless times a day due to lack of aoe in dungeons, only one worth mentioning is Meteor, the rest do little damage. (Partly because I'm not from the US and have higher ping.)


6) A very high % of players are already maxed out with very high HM lvls, resulting in point 2. I can understand this as this game is almost 6 months old (beta in oct 2015?) But seeing so few players around me as I level means there is something wrong here and I'm playing in the newest server.


7) The above point can be supported by the long waiting time for lower level dungeons even though it's supposed to be crossed-server matching and point 2.


8) Some high lvl players are very sporting while some are just ass-holes. They rush to complete dungeons without waiting since they can just solo the whole thing.


Others brag and hog items even though there are multiple items and they already got it once but still overbid others who need it just because they are rich and saying stuffs like 5g is like a drop in the ocean for me dont waste my time overbidding etc and then rushing to do dailies for his 5 other lvl50 HM9 characters...


Of course there are lots of nice ones who escort lower levels and make sure they don't die in maps such as black ram supply when they skip mobs, (the area before slashimi) etc and wait before killing bosses etc so others don't get killed by the flames after they start. Some are also sporting enough to kill and res (without killing me again) in faction wars.


9) I can deal with most of the stuffs given that I'm still playing the game but point no.3 is really tedious. Though moonwater transformation stones and soul stones are supposedly rare and hard to get, i stil see heaps of them selling in the auction house, such as soulstones in stacks of 100s with so many pages.. sometimes i even wonder if they are being sold by legit players or what...


Sorry for the long rant, feel free to enlighten me on any of the points that I have a wrong impression of or what lol.


I think your second point is more relevant, maybe ppl are quitting. It was quite shocking to see that because I thought there were 2million players playing or so on an advert.


I know of people in game who are stuck at infernal series weapon because RNG is being a *cricket* and they can't kill profane jiangshi enough to get the essence because there are barely anyone else farming with them. Its quite disheartening to see that because they're already overleveled for that series (almost 49)

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