Party mechanics such as loot sharing for an objective are sorely lost in BNS

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FM and other melee on blackwyrm are mostly tank or hit and run, and run fast and far because it has a 50 meter AOE that does over 30k damage.


SSP is just a giant clusterCricket  and ranged will take less damage from the AoE because the range is smaller so they can DPS more while having to block less and not have to get back in range to melee.

FM really is a support melee class, and if built right a destroyer should be a good tank, otherwise know as a meat shield that can gain agro while the main DPS is done by your strikers. This is a flaw in the anti-KS rules that are $1 DMG in order to get drops because some classes have a lot easier chance to get them but need the others to get them. Party mechanics such as loot sharing for an objective are sorely lost in BnS, and those non-tradeable items make it worse. The loot drop mechanic is for solo game play, where it takes a party to even get the loot drop.


IT is a severe RPG flaw in the design of BnS especially the faction based which proves even more that having factions is a bad idea in this game. The only real fix would be if ow Bosses were to have loot auctions like dungeon bosses. What a nightmare that would be to code. The only other thing would be to make it more reasonable and remove the % DMG to get a drop from them, and just make a scale where the one who gets the most damage gets a little more, and so on, but everyone is assured something for taking part and helping. It takes a village to bring down a Sujin.


Because not everyone gets their own loot, some don't gt any due to the % DMG system. the loot auction ensures everyone has a CHANCE to get some loot in some form. If they don't get the item drops, they get money that was bid on them equal to their share that they could then spend on the market to trade in for the items that dropped from that mob. The loot auction is the ONLY way that gives everyone loot for a fight, because money is loot too, don't forget.


Yeah, when it comes to world bosses, the best option would be to remove the %DMG so that say someone who is able t hit the boss to do ANY damage gets a reward of some sort. Blackwyrm's Treasure, and the others that did more damage get some bonus for exceptional work. This would still screw over melee or higher ping players in a way, but offer a token reward to them. How to distribute loot has been a big problem in RPGs for nearly 40 years because every player's taste is different, and there is no 1 correct system. There are however 20+ systems that wok based on a party dividing he loot up themselves, and over 50 that work to a degree from the GM deciding how to give loot based on the players characters involved.


This biggest problem with an MMO is that you don't know what the exact party will be comprised of so you have to err on the side of caution when trying to not give too much loot, and not give too little, and decide who gets what. BnS also suffers from its competition to get the loot even within you own faction? The story neither faction can "win" because it is a construct for the game solely and plays no part in the story, so there is no point in the faction winning, so why have competition within the faction? I have said with many things regarding the PVP in BnS that it is flawed design and have taken this opinion with 40+ years of RPG experience. It seems sadly that was missed by the Korea developers since they lack such length of experience to allow them to design these things. That is why the game shows age much more in its design philosophies that have long been thrown out as failures rather than its engine ever could.


Before anyone says that everyone does get something for participating, prestige points are just trash. The thing needed most are the loot drops. Volatile currency that the game could make you lose due to its poor connection and rampant DC, is not a solution, and not even a good game construct. Any reward for participation should go directly into the players INV or their overflow so there is something substantial to make them feel like their efforts were worth reducing the life expectancy of their mouse and keyboard at the very minimal.


As to the buying, I can see that in say going into Brightstone to suck up loot auction money to have to by soulstones, if feels cheap and makes me sick, but so a server that you just happen to e on the wrong faction and don't want to abandon your friends and the clan jsut for the sake of game, it would feel dirtier to be that douche that puts themselves over their friends, so the game is at fault. But you take part in Brightstone and dont win the Moonwater tears, you take the money you got from the auction and use it to buy them off the market. It is still reward from the dungeon. The problem is, you cant do that with SSP because to get the money even you have to have been able to get the reward from the loot drop to get credit for the quest. But if you could get money and buy the item off the market from the money made participating and spent by the rest on a loot auction, it would just be like the money is a "IOU 1 Moonstone" the party handed you because the poorly designed system didnt give enough for everyone to get them. The fact you can lose the prestige points again means that type of currency a  participation reward is a failure because guns or not in SSP, there is some people who spend hours and get NOTHING from all their work and grinding just due to a poorly designed reward system.


Melee will be the class that tanks and takes most of the damage dealt and aggro, so they should get something even without having to do X% DMG since without the tank taking agro, then it would have been a wipe and nobody gets anything. I as a ranged class, don't like that. If my tank lives, he gets paid, cause I DIDNT DIE and I got paid.


I feel the designers/developers should take time and play a TTRPG to see what is wrong with their design of BnS and many others. The computer only should be doing things faster, not replace the GMs ability to think and act in a proper manner when setting difficulty levels, loot drops, etc. That will always be the fault of the GM, and in the case of an MMO, that is the design and development team since you can't alter the written code to make things work towards your playstyle, or even a working playstyle that people can agree with who choose to play together in a "party"/raid.

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