Please keep BNS alive and healthy as long as possible

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this awesome experience I have playing this game. Please bear with my awful english knowledge and with the fact that I write from phone.

About the actual story of the game I want to say I am really impressed. The drama, everything, I nearly cried at the last actual chapter ending. It touched me. I felt like I was taking part of an anime series, as the protagonist. There are some things that could've been done better, like the english audio voices, but that's NCWest to blame. But please understand that the team that's working for NCWest is your responsibility. I would've really liked to be able to experience the awesome story with the japanese voices or the original korean ones. Please understand that what I write here is not for the sake of blaming, these are just my thoughts. Anyway, the story experience and the storytelling cinematics were the best I ever had the opportunity to see, in a mmorpg, taking out the horrible voice acting, which still.. sometimes.. was acceptable. But you must accept the fact that the EN voice acting in this game is just rushed poor made. And I played WoW for a long time, but the BnS's story gave me tears. Something that no other MMORPG gave me before.


NCWest isn't doing as bad as people say. The bot, spam and hack problems, we should all be fair and say that in truth they are really taking actions against them. From the last patch we can all see that my words are true. But, I will try to let this subject and try to focus on other subjects instead. 


For example: the support team. People have been reporting the ticket system, and the fact that the support team isn't doing their job. They might not be angels or perfect, or really amazingly good or sutf, but I, for one, have more than 20 tickets made and aprox. 5 tweets to the Blade and soul OPS twitter page, and I always received the help I needed, more some times than other times. I even have a long ticket conversation with like 20 posts about my performance issues. And, yes, I got it resolved. I had an outfit problem where ano outfit that was just realised I got it on the wrong character. The support team transferred the outfit to the right character for free. I made a ticket to say I don't like the way my character looks after the gender change and that I want my old version back. I received a free gender change voucher. That tells a lot. What other game support team does that? 


The game stunning graphics, for a 4-years old game, and the anime-like art made me to try the game. And I don't regret it. Still, the game needs optimisation. Either the engine, either the game, either the fact that the game is heavily instanced. But I understand that's not something that can be done over night. Ping/lag spikes or whatever? Never got them. It seems as some people report them, some don't. And even tho many report it on the forums, the majority doesn't get it. Otherwise the game wouldn't be so populated as it is. Either is from the players the problem and it's become a trend to blame the servers, either the game acts differently from a pc setup to other. (same goes for the performance issues)


While the heavy grind for gear make people angry, I like it. Because it makes the game rewarding. As I said I was a WoW player. And the changes they made there making it possible to get gear up in no time, made people leave (inc. me) for not feeling rewarding at all. So I am alright with the way the grind is right now. It's more like every toxic topic from the forums are like a trend people got into. Blaming and acting childish to get attention. Not making constructive criticism, but just blaming throwing trash at the people who made are keep the game healthy for them to be able to play.


What I don't like is the fact that we got the patches with the content way too fast for us to be able to enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. But, I understand the fact that you want us to be at the same version as there koreans are. And I put my trust in you to hear the game's community who wants to not get overflowed with content. No content means death, but too much content and not enough time to enjoy it means people getting frustrated and leaving. And I don't want to see my favorite game dying just after its birth. 


I want to say that I am alright with the way the game's shop is. People must understand that if a game to be able to live it needs money. Servers, everything. Money... and the game is by no means pay to win. Pay to win is when people can actually get stats, weapons and items that get them to a level the people that don't pay are NOT ALLOWED to get to. And that's not the case here. I've spent some bucks on the game, but that because I see the game deserving it. My girlfriend started 3 weeks ago, she didn't spent any money and she is now at the same level as me, with AP than me. So that says something. 


My wish and dream is..... the community to be healthier. It is too toxic at the moment, and it is a trend now to be that way here. Please understand that the people who actually appreciate your work towards the game are in-game enjoying the game, not wasting their tine arguing with people who love getting atenttion. You can't argue with a troll that cries that nobody should play the game because it is not worth,  while they do and will keep doing it. They're like the MCDONALD'S customers who say the burgers ain't healthy, but they keep eating from there everyday.


What I want to criticize is the crafting and gathering system. It needs rework. A lot of rework. And the way the daily challenge works. Making the high levels run thru the low level dungeons giving the new players an awful starting experience. My best friend left the game aftet experiencing this. A scaling system would work awesome. Kinda the way the arena works. Making the high level guys scaling their stats to the dungeon level, but keeping their skills and gear advantage somehow. Not sure how it would work out, but it is just feedback. This system can be put in place for example only if you have more than 5 levels above the recommended dungeon character level.


In the end, I hope the story will continue because it is what I love most. And a big thank you for this awesome experience. Please continue the awesome work and try more to hear the community feedback that deserves to be heard, not the one that does not.


And if I had a suggestion for you guys, that would be a guild versus guild thingy and MORE battlegrounds. AND MORE drama story!!!!


Please keep the game alive and healthy as long as possible. Don't want my blade and soul experience to stop any soon.


P.S. Didn't get into the game's combat, because everybody knows that blade and soul has the best mmorpg combat out there.


EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention is the upgrade gear/weapon system. I like it a lot. It makes you run the dungeons, and doesn't let content die the way other mmorpgs do. (I'm too sleepy to explain what I mean)

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