Six Reasons Why Blade And Soul Sucks

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1. much lag. It's sometimes even hilarious how bad it is! Either you will be able to move but not attack, you will appear to have moved on your end but the game still thinks you're somewhere else, the game flat out freezes on you and everything is just sitting there with it's idle animation playing. Seriously the poor optimization of the servers never seems to stop aggravating. Worst part is if you try explaining that to someone while running a dungeon or playing in PVP Arena, they won't give a f*** and think you're just making stuff up (even though they themselves experience it). 


2. Community is rotten AF. Seriously AP elitists ruin every single dungeon run I have had. They treat things like Sundered Nexus, Gloomdross Incursion, and Shattered Masts like 4 man Sogun's lament, when really they're more like 4 man Necropolis and Frozen Fang. Of course I'm talking about 4 man dungeons because that's the only way to get special items to unlock HM skills.  Even then we still have AFKers in dungeons and trolls everywhere. Especially SSP when you have a FM/Des/BD throw you into Terrors.


Six Reasons Why Blade And Soul Sucks


3. RN f***ing G. The RNG in this game is rigged so that whatever the player needs, they don't get. The anti class RNG is insanely bad, once I used all my keys trying to get a simple stalker weapon for my assassin. After that I had to wait until level 15 to flat out buy the thing instead. And if some how you can get a party that isn't full of toxic players, and you complete 4 man shattered masts with less than 600 AP (Gasp, blasphemy! Shattered Masts requires at least 620 AP!), you get NOTHING for your work. Sorry but the work ethic here in the West is: work hard and you will get rewarded in accordance to how well you preformed. I've soloed bosses meant for at least 6 people, and my reward was garbage. It's not even funny anymore.


4. Bots...bots everywhere. 


5. The game itself has some crappy combat systems when it comes to certain classes. Sorry but a counter system is not class balance. If it's set so that a destroyer can only be beaten by a FM, and only a BM can stand a chance against FM, then we know you have a bad system going on. Granted with the new skills FM can just sh*t on BMs without any effort. But at least KFM will still be able to sh*t on FM :D


But heavens forbid I should get started on endless stealth, PVE assassins, and Summoners. God FORBID I SHOULD EVER GO ON A RANT ABOUT THEM! <.<


6. Clipping, since I feel extremely nit picky today: the graphic suck. It really does look like the game was made 5 years ago, all these clipping issues that are so in your face, the game might as well be listed on a list of bad modern game graphics. Ya this one is  a stretch and all but it bothers me so badly.


So there, 6 reasons for my absolute disgust with the product thus far. Of course there are redeemable qualities but these need to be stated! I honestly expected a lot out of this game. Shame I didn't get a game that was worthy of my 100+ dollars I spent on founders packs for my friends and self. I could walk into game stop and buy something more polished than this *cough cough* Overwatch *cough cough*. I even heard it has better servers too! An FPS, with better servers than this! Unbelievable! 


Here's one reason I do like this so far:


1. The GMs finally got around to lowering the costs of upgrading weapons...not exactly very insane of a change but it is one of those things that makes a big difference.

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