Some Suggestions For Blade And Soul

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So I figured I might as well put this up as a suggestion for a few things people might like to see added to the game so feel free to add more ideas to this! ^^


Few Suggestions:


Costumes: Theres a few costumes that people might like to see added that were in the original build that are currently absent

Examples: Black Army


The Red Guard Outfit: (This is also worn by the Yun BM at the character creation screen as well)


Some Suggestions For Blade And Soul


There's also a few costumes that are actually stocked by those vendor outfit merchants in the Korean Version from what I believe. These are usually near the dungeons where the costume is a random drop and can be bought for a good amount of gold, Is it possible to add this into our version.


Costume Transfers/Wardrobe: This is something requested by the community but at the moment you need to be a premium member to currently use the wardrobe. That being said the current system is a little unfair and could use improvement:


Rather than needing premium membership to use the wardrobe it would unlock on its own if you spend a certain amount of cash or HM coins in the shop (eg rank 4/5)

Alternatively Make the wardrobe free like other regions for players and instead if your a free player you need either stamps or a premium membership to mail costumes to other characters. Additionally Premium members dont require stamps to mail costumes to other characters on their account in the absence of an account wide wardrobe.



Is is possible to fix this annoying bug in many dungeons that if a party member is in combat everyone is stuck in combat? This is paticularly annoying in instances with long distances to run for example Naryu/Bloodshade/Tomb of Exiles for example. Realistically this isnt a problem in the 24man dungeons as everyone's combat status is tied to themselves only and NOT to the group but could this be applied to all dungeons instead? It really gets irritating to be stuck in combat unable to WW when your not even in combat over a minute later.



Can a dragonpulse be added to some of the dungeons like Naryu, Bloodshade, East Fleet, for example so we dont have to run the entire dungeon. Naryu is expecially annoying as you have to run the ENTIRE instance if the groups near the end no matter what. That or at least give infinite WW time in dungeons like in WWV.


Pirate Path:

Could you consider just putting this back in the game and letting players decide which path they want to take. As it stands in our current version the oathbreaker weapon was and is still the more expensive of the two. I always considered the removal of the pirate path unneeded and rather unnessesary and it would be nice if this was just put back in and left for player's to decide what to do.



Could you PLEASE reduce his HP back to his original HP and not the ridiculous 92mil. He's there scratching his scaly butt all day every day outside of the weekend cos his HP is far too high. Additionally could you be nice to the poor melee's and reduce the aoe effect as well as if your melee 90% your destroyed compared to ranged who dont suffer anywhere near as bad.




This is a little bit of a nuisance but because of the disaster that is "Derpstone Plains" with many quests unable to be completed cos of multiple problems I'm personally left gathering soulstones from the moonwater area. Its not a big thing but could it be possible to add some extra soulstones to the Daily Quest reward or a few to the daily quests to to make it a little easier to save up soulstones? Costs do add up when your forced to buy them off the exchange. Additionally could the soulstone costs be removed for converting those extra purple weapons into weapon exp. I end up trashing them alot of the time because theyre basically no good and the soulstone costs do add up.

Additionally as a small thing could the reward for the misty wood faction dailys be modified so rather than choosing either soulstones or a soulstone bag that you got BOTH instead for each quest completed?



These are a bit painful as there very few ways of getting these outside of Derpstone or Naksun but is it possible to make these slightly easier to get (like one for each daily challenge completed) or remove them as a requirement for upgrading items at least for upgrading the oathbreaker weapons/accessories? This would at least make it a bit easier to reach 500AP and be able do a majority of dungeons to get cash etc to upgrade further. The announcement that they'll only drop at weekends from soulstone sounds like it could possibly make things worse unless theres other stuff being done to address this.


Whirlwind Valley/PvP Daily Challenge:

Can you PLEASE switch this back to participate in 3 matches instead of the more aggrivating win a match daily or remove it altogether from the daily challenge as its really annoying when in 6v6 you keep losing because of gear imbalance or because your HM1/2/3 is paired up with a *cricket* HM11 player.


If I can think of other stuff I'll add it! ^^

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