Some tips to make more money from BnS crafting

Soul Warden:


At the present, the only that has low production costs but can sell for hefty prices are Mamuso Bones, gathered by Trappers' Alliance. The cost is like 23s, while they are always sold for at least 2.5 gold. They are hot items, due to the long time to gather (20 hours per item). and Soul Warden always need to get at least 5 bones to make Blue Primer Chest.


Theoretically, Blue Primer Chest look like a big money-maker. However, your profit is gated by RNG. If you buy all materials to make a chest, and you only get 5 Primers, then you are making loss instead of profits due to undercutting - People love selling below production cost, since they make these items from their own unemployed resources, or are that depressed. Only when you get the one or two extra, it is when you make 5-10g profit.  Even so, you may need to re-post your items a lot to make your items sellable. Y Our profit will get cut until it becomes loss due to market fees, and you might even hit your posted-item limit in that day,


Provided you craft expensive materials by yourself, the profit is still not too big if you only get 5 Primers per chest.


If you have unemployed materials and use them to make Blue Primers, it is just a way to convert your materials into gold, maybe with some profits. Once you run out of unemployed materials, then you will hit two cases above.


Some tips to make more money from BnS crafting


Piercing and Reflex Soulshields is more expensive than Critical ones, cuz not many people craft them. However, they are also harder to sell, especially when the 6v6 event, which needs critical.defense and piercing, has passed.


Transformation Stones are not good as sellable wares. The profits are minimal or even at loss. Only craft them if you have unemployed material for self-use.


So, instead of crafting  Blue Primers and Transformation Stones, it would be better to just gather Mamuso Bones and craft Silvefrost Green Primers instead. Both require no recipes, and the latter can make three times per day.




Merry Potter:


You don't actually need recipes to make profits from Merry Potters. Just craft Tempered Clay Refiner and Kaolin Clay Refiner to sell on the market. The latter has less supply due to being 6 hours craft, while the first is spamable for having 50 -minute crafting time for small and quick profits.


If you have Moonwater recipes, craft Premium Tempered Clay Refiner. They can be crafted twice per day, and provide better profits than than the 24-hour Premium Kaolin Clay Refiners.


Additionally, Premium Tempered Clay Refiner can be also provided to Radiant Ring for gem-pouch crafting


You can also craft Bowls, but it is harder to sell.




Radiant Ring:


You have to have recipes to make profit. All of these recipes are expensive.


You need Cinderland recipes to craft 25-AP Diamond Pouch. The profit is small, but it is a good way to make use of your abundant Pentagonal fragments.


28-AP Diamond Pouch gives so-so profits, especially when have a Merry Potter to craft Premium Tempered Clay Refiner for you, and you have spare Hexagonal fragments.


35-AP Diamond Pouch gives strongest profit among crafting guild. However, it requires a super-rare recipes that can cost you 500-600g. The recipe drops in Skittering Tunnel, if you interest.


You can also gamble for the diamond, with 20% chance to get the right one.


Only AP, Defense and achievement-related gems can fetch good prices.




Other guilds:


-Tree Fellers: Their saps are sellable, thanks to players with Merry Potters.


-The rest of gathering guilds: their 20-hour items can be sold for very small profits.


-Earth Seer: you can craft Silverfrost Escape Charm with very low cost. For some reason, it is super rare in the market now. I'm not sure if it makes good profit or not. You can also make Unsealing Charms and Mass Revival Charm.


-Silver Cauldron: their Silverfrost Antidotes are easy to sell and spamable. You gain like 60-70s per 50 minutes.


-Forgekeeper: Field Repair Tools gives some small profits like Silver Cauldron. Except that it is a 12-hour craft. Weapon skins can be sold too, but they are often a pain to make.


-Acquired Taste: seem not very profitable. You can try to craft Achievement food items, but I don't think they sell well enough.




In any case, unless you gamble with 35-AP Diamond Pouches, it is hard to become rich, just with crafting and gathering.


However, they can act as an extra sources of income, cuz you only need to prepare materials and click a button to begin.


The golden combo at the present is still Trappers + Tree Feelers + Merry Potter + Soul Warden. The more alts you have, the better income you get.

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