The biggest problem is PVPers don't want to have to PVE for anything

And they shouldn't have to. EVERY other fighting game on the planet, you get your skills from the moment you enter the arena, you don't have to unlock an attack.


Likewise PVE players don't want to have to deal with monotonous PVP. Mushin's tower needing 500 warriors tokens to upgrade PVE gear, countless owPVP in order to upgrade PVE gear....


Those wanting the  E Sport have the right to have acess to ALL their needed things for the mechanics offered in BnS Arena fighting to be unlocked from the beginning, and they can win cash prizes. They don't have need to fight with in-game currency to buy this or that to unlock special things or grind dungeons.

I say this firmly hating PVP unless it is on a gaming console where there is no ping problems or server latency.


BnS developers, NCWset, NCSoft, Bloodlust, whomever else needs to learn from its own game, your weapon must constantly evolve for a reason, because you either "evolve or die". That is what East games must do when coming to the west, evolve to Western philosophy or die.


So to rectify existing problems to bring players back from ALL sides would require a few things


1. CEASE rapid patch updates of content. Players cant keep up, you should have the initial funds to be running the game since new servers keep being opened. PVE can't keep up, and the cash cows are getting tired of it also on the PVE side


2. Get rid of PVE requirements for PVPers. WoW and Street Fighter are 2 different games and attract different payers. The people who played Everquest weren't doing so because they were trying to get the Mortal Kombat play experience, they wanted something else. The same goes in reverse. you cant force 2 majorly different game genres into the same game and expect it to work where there are SO many other choices for people to play that do not force an opposing genre playstyle on them


3. disable owPVP on some servers, to allow strict PVE players the right to be able to enjoy their play experience in their own playstyle rather than force Korean gaming philosophy onto parts of the world that don't follow that philosophy. So if it takes PVP style play (Soulstone acquisition, moonstones, Mushin's Tower, etc) then remove it from PVE only servers and find another upgrade path for gear, or just find another way to drop thing. This doesn't mean the storyline can't go to See Yura, then go fight Mushin because he is a major character in the story, but the whole becoming the Divine Fist thing when the character is riding a railroad with no choice, is not interesting when your game is designed around party mechanics to force solo play into anything. And BnS is highly designed around "family" community, clans, etc in the MMO component.


4. Wardrobe free to all. Those outfit collectors WILL buy outfits from the store with real money to collect, but ONLY if they have some place to store them. Nickle-and-diming people to death over every minutia of the game is now how you attract people to making a purchase. You want more people to buy moe stuff from the cash Shop, you have to give them room to store it.


5. Make NCoin purchases make sense. I am sure there is a minimum amount form a purchase for 80 per dollar seems like NCoins have a real world value of 1 cent each and the lost percentage is the fees the credit card  companies takes. This is just ridiculous, and the sizes of the "packages" of NCoin is ridiculous. Everyone knows the price and each package is just a scaled up version of the next all based on 400 for $5. Always 4:5 ratio, no discounts for buying more, and you can only buy them in the set amounts. So if someone wants to buy NCoins for $35 they have to make multiple purchase of 3 packages: $20, $10, and $5. Why? Why not just let people put in X amount of coins and set a minimum amount that must be purchased.


$5 minimum for 400 coins, 4 coins per each additional 5 cents


This is the EXACT same rate which all NCoin packages are BUT people would be able to buy the number of coins they need without buying more than they want, or not buying any because they can't afford the next tier package. Its a win-win for customer and business. Also it means less purchases, and each fewer transaction means less fees for taking those credit card payments.


These are just top 5 solutions to modernizing the game to the 1990s gaming philosophy from whatever in the word it is, and current gamer mindset to succeed in the west. Others exist but they are all behind the scenes things like those RMT spammers flooding chats, whipsers, friend request must be actively removed. Bots in PVE environs and Arena but be removed, and GameGuard doeesnt do it. Hackers in all forms.


I think they were supposed to GIVE copies away to viewers as per the News here on the website said, but it appears the group only sells them for bns gold in the game and probably never gave away a single outfit.


Because it would probably have to scale with other graphics, and the lower you go the worse the quality is and captcha is made for high quality viewing that only "human" eyes can see.


That doesnt even help with bots, because they jump around all the time anyway so the "key press" would always be there

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