The problem of playing PVE or PVP with Blade and Soul Class Choose

What class would you recommend for Blade & Soul PVE only? I typically play some support type character with auras, healing, group buff love. Thanks!

The problem of playing PVE or PVP with Blade and Soul Class Choose

There is no support as you know and love in this game. (Trust me I know I was lvl 90 BRD and 90 WHM in FFXI)

The next best thing is the Summoner. (it has heals and supports) [Summoner has best heals in the game but they are mostly self heals and no one will 'rely' on your heals like they normally would]

If you want to solo, the best Blade & Soul class for that is an Assassin (Also heals and supports, but is the best solo [and it might not heal I forget])

My recommendation: Assasin

It can solo any Blade & Soul boss.

It is perma invis

It is a badass

No one knows how to deal with them in Blade and Soul PvP

Everyone wants one (or five) in their party

Best group buff in the game


I'd say summoner has the best solo experience especially for a newer player since you can tank with cat and just aoe down things. With assassin if you mess up stealth you can die very quickly, whereas with summoner if you mess up stealth you can still draw aggro with cat Q.

Also in terms of group buff, I'm pretty sure destroyer and LBM/LBD has the best in terms of grabs and KFM and BM has very solid dps and are very welcome as tanks in dungeons.

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